Planetstrike, “a game of glorious invasions and desperate last stands” the long- awaited expansion to 40K that has had players drooling in anticipation since. Myself and a couple friends are gonna try a planetstrike game this coming week Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop. In a game of Planetstrike, the players take on specific roles – one player is the attacker, attempting to wrest control of a planet, and the other is the defender, who.

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They receive this ability because they are Jump Infantry.

I don’t think I ever let it get in the way, but I’m not naive enough to think that’s the case universally. This is common knowledge. Inside its pages is an array of information, from Planetstrike Detachments and Warlord Traits to unique stratagems and missions based around the conquest of worlds. The expanded FoC obviously lends itself to larger planetstgike. Fail to bring enough Craters – innocuous sounding, but you may find you need at least twenty before the planetstrikd is over – and you’d hate to lose out on a cover save because you ran out, and forgot until the turn after you agreed to treat it as one anyway.

Originally Posted by Planehstrike book, page 14 The answer is simple. The rules simply suggest that the attacker has points then the defender.

Submit a new link. Myself and a couple friends are gonna try a planetstrike game this coming week.


The Dark ;lanetstrike and Space Wolves are standouts in this department, with a bunch of intriguing hints and information. Strategems After the core rules, we move onto the Strategems. Planetstrike as Defender The first thing that you have to realise as a defender is that the enemy can come in from any edge, or even deep strike in to the middle of the table. This is no different to Daemons.


The book is 80 pages, including an Index at the end. There are literally thousands of ways to play, and none of them are ‘wrong’. Spare templates can be used in a pinch. With differing sides and contrasting FOC tables, Planetstrike will require a little bit of pre-planning, and lends itself well to narrative gameplay or more organized playstyles than just simple pickup games.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Objectives may be claimed by 40kk attacker with only a single surviving model, and every squad counts as scoring, so the attacker must not only be prepared, but thorough with his firepower. The first thing that you have to realise as a defender is that the enemy can come in from any edge, or even deep strike in to the middle of the table.

Even a single surviving model can be the difference between victory and the firing squad, so bring more planetsrtike Another reason for wanting so many points is that the game lends plqnetstrike to using a LOT of terrain. From attacking Stasis Bombs, to defending Drop-Bastions, there is something for every game.


Warhammer 40k Planetstrike Games Workshop GW | eBay

There should be no difficulty, though, in playing points without recourse to the Apocalypse rules – a nice change from regular 40K, where the missions do not work as well beyond points. We got destroyed turn 1. The Firestorm attacks can decimate your army, so you need some method of protecting them through this phase of the game. 40, and Missions Next up is a short section that expands the planetstrije Planetstrike mission presented earlier into a full set of 6 missions with differing special rules and objectives for variety.

Just before I continue, some questions are doubtless forming for those of you who play Nids, Daemons, Dark Eldar etc, and wondering why on earth you would want to defend the predominantly Imperial structures that adorn our battlefields? The defenders reserve troops can come in from a board edge or as deep strike troops. Our opponent had points of Lpanetstrike.

Warhammer 40k Planetstrike Games Workshop GW

Click here for instructions on how to planetstfike JavaScript in your browser. Warhammer40k submitted 1 year ago by Canuckadin. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. I have recently finished reading my copy of Planetstrike and want to go over it in detail with you guys who may be debating whether its worth your time.