A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta by Mahasi Sayadaw deals mainly with contentment since it is essential to spiritual development. Download. I will gradually improve it. still have many defects.x A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta A Burmese word used frequently in the Sayādaw’s discourses is the. Sallekha Sutta has 1 rating and 1 review: Published by Buddhadhamma Foundation, pages, Paperback.

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This name for such noble ones is more suitable because the gradual attainment of the noble ones differs from the destiny of the Stream-winner with seven rebirths. Here, the Buddha cites the examples of a safe road and a safe harbour. People revere the bhikkhu and offer almsfood, etc. The craving for the pleasure of the celestial realms is described as a minor sexual act by the Buddha.

Again, we have the ego-illusion that stems from the human tendency to regard the aggregates as the ego-entity.

Hence, it belongs to the group of eternalism. Because of their virtues they enjoyed heavenly bliss many times.

Unwholesome deeds usually lead to a low, ignoble life, whereas wholesome deeds are the foundation of a higher, noble life. Perhaps I will publish them as separate articles. If they are reborn as human beings, they do not live long.

At the very least, stealing leads to damage and loss of property. It is never subject to destruction. To avoid meeting the Buddha, the queen went there while the Buddha was going the tye round for collecting food.


The noble ones who pass through all of these realms may also be called Bonzinzan.

The concept of a human form with its head, hands, and other parts is nowhere to be found. It deals with absorption, the path, fruition, etc. They are more afraid of being killed by others, or of being eaten by animals such as lions, tigers, or big snakes. The meditator has an indescribable feeling of ecstasy pervading hhe whole body.

Sallekha Sutta : A Discourse on the Refinement of Character

One of these deserves to be singled out: Those who cannot practise chastity should avoid illicit sexual acts. In the Sallekha Sutta, the Buddha says that there is no reason why a man who is completely sunk in a quagmire will be able to save another man in a similar predicament.

Some do not know what to make discohrse the experience of the meditators that I describe.

This is the first step. These are the disocurse benefits accruing to those who avoid illicit sexual intercourse while observing the five precepts or who practise chastity while observing the eight precepts. Despite all their negations, their belief centres on the mind and the body.

This state may continue for two or three hours.

Sallekha Sutta: A Discourse on the Refinement of Character

Those who want to be good-looking in a future life should avoid killing. The Buddha also teaches that non-stealing contributes to the extinction of defilements.

According to the Jains, a man who eats the flesh of an animal that he knows has been killed for his food, will have to bear half the karmic consequence of killing.


There he was caught by a boa-constrictor. Stealing is taking surreptitiously what belongs to another person without his knowledge while he is asleep or off his guard or absent.

There are twenty kinds of women with whom men should have no sexual relations.

A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta ebook pdf by Mahasi Sayadaw

Once he became lifeless, nobody would care for his corpse. All unwholesome thoughts are expelled in these states of consciousness. Every moment of mindfulness means the practice of effacement at its highest level. Their songs extolled the attractions of the garden, depicting its resemblance to the Nandavana of the celestial realm, the visits of the deities to the garden, their wonder and infatuation, the residence of the Buddha that added to the splendour of the garden and so forth.

Inspired by the example of these three, gradually as many as fifty villagers joined the courses of intensive practice. A true Stream-winner is completely free from unwholesome deeds that lead to the lower realms. If we are capable of killing under extenuating circumstances, it is safe to assume that our practice of effacement is imperfect.