Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) [Michael Abrash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has done . Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition has 65 ratings and 3 reviews. — Includes everything that master Abrash has ever written about optimizati. Michael Abrash’s classic Graphics Programming Black Book is a compilation of Michael’s writings on assembly language and graphics.

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Mar 03, Joshua Chambers rated it it was amazing. The first lesson is less obvious than it seems. Those are indeed important considerations—to persons and companies that develop and distribute software. The full text of the book is available here in PDF format. Assembly language optimization is a small but crucial corner blacj the PC programming world.

We suggest downloading them first right-click on the link. Consequently, the time taken for display memory to complete an read or write access is often longer than the time taken for system memory to complete an access, even if the lucks into hitting a free display memory access just as it becomes available, again as shown in Figure 4.

The locations of those files will change. Theoretically, this enables measurement of arbitrarily long periods. Eric rated it it was amazing Apr 06, The problem is this: Credit for this final approach goes to Michael Geary, and thanks go to David Miller for passing the idea on to me.

Even if a given strstr implementation is well-written, its performance will suffer, at least for our application, from unnecessary overhead. Given the requirements of the application, keep to a minimum either the number of processor cycles the program takes to run, or the number of bytes in the program, or some combination of both.

In other words, know the territory! Yep, I’m sure there are still great nuggets in the book. While permitting the timer interrupt to occur allows long intervals to be timed, that same interrupt makes the long-period Zen timer less accurate than the precision Zen timer, since the time the BIOS spends handling timer interrupts during the timing interval is included in the time measured by the long-period timer.

I rewrote whole sections of code just to save a few cycles, juggled registers, and relied heavily on blurry-fast register-to-register shifts and adds. I had dismissed much back the assembly portions as novelties until I realized the bswap instruction had a modern 64 bit variant, doubling the number of 32 bit words I could have in general purpose registers at one time. Let C do what it does well, and use assembly only when it makes a perceptible difference.


If PS2 is 1 as it is in Listing 3. Without LEA and scaling, multiplication of EBX by 5 would require either a relatively slow MULalong with a set-up instruction or two, or three separate instructions along the lines of the following.

You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion, but I consider an booi of magnitude to be significant. The boo counted every cycle in their timing loops, just as the author in the story that started this chapter had. Personally, I’d like to do some iOS stuff, and perhaps keep the same code running on Android. Hints My Readers Gave Me 2. For example, suppose you have an array base address in BX and an index into the array in SI. With that in mind, what should the first step be?

Consider the incongruity of Terje’s willingness to consider a 5 percent speedup significant in light of his later near-doubling of performance.

In this pursuit, it can boom useful to examine the code your compiler generates, either by viewing the code in a debugger or by having the compiler generate an assembly language output file.

Current gaming and 3-D technology, such as Direct3D and VRML is left out, but it’s clear bladk game programmers like the author will continue to push the limits of current hardware technology in inventive ways. This does not however change the value of the book, the author was addressing the needs of the computer industry for high performance graphics code in the 80’s and 90’s, but the principles and thought processes passed on in the book are just as valid today as they were then, perhaps more so since computers have become heavily layered in software abstractions that suck performance bolk every turn.

Graphics Programming Black Book

That can be irritating; I once spent a good hour tracking down a bug caused by my unconscious assumption that NOT does set the flags. I hope my contribution to the contents of the later articles can provide similar stepping stones for others. This book is very old. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Assembly language optimization is the final and far from the only step in the optimization chain, and as such should be performed last; converting to assembly too soon can abrazh in your code before the design is optimal.

This link now redirects to Amazon for some reason.


What I was able to pick up over several years on the Apple, I needed to learn in the space of a few months on the PC. The task of the subroutine was to construct a nibble out of four bits read from different bytes, rotating and combining the bits so that they ultimately ended up neatly b,ack in bits of a single byte.

There Ain’t No Such Thing as the Fastest Code

Linked Lists and Unintended Challenges 2. I was very happy to have Michael describe much of the Quake technology in his booi magazine blac. Black Art of 3D Game Programming: The easy, familiar approach often has nothing in its favor except that it requires less thinking; not a great virtue when writing high-performance code—or when moving.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Currently we allow the following HTML tags in comments: Like readgetc calls DOS to read from the file; abrrash speed improvement of Listing 1. To be precise, the counts once every After that, ZTimerOff executes just the overhead code of ZTimerOn and ZTimerOff 16 times, and averages and saves the results in order to determine how many of the counts in the timing result just obtained were incurred by the overhead of the Zen timer rather than by the code being timed.

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Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book, Special Edition

The author had, however, chosen a small, boook assembly language routine to refine, consisting of about 30 instructions that did nothing more than expand 8 bits to 16 bits by duplicating each bit.

Why does Intel document Execution Unit execution time rather than overall instruction execution time, which includes both instruction fetch time and Execution Unit EU execution time? For example, adding a value to a word-sized memory variable requires two word-sized accesses—one to read the destination operand from memory prior to adding to it, and one to write the result of the addition back to the destination operand—and thus incurs not one but two 4-cycle penalties.

Both listings perform exactly the same number of memory accesses—2, accesses, each byte-sized, as all memory accesses must be. VGA Data Machinery 2. Mode X Marks the Latch 1. The point to all this: