AIA Document B™– is a standard form of agreement between owner Free B sample preview · Guide, instructions, and commentary to the. AIA Document B™ – (formerly B™ – ). . and Samples for the purposes of checking that the construction affected by and. following, all of which are included in AIA Document B™–, Owner/ Architect .. Download A–(sample). AIA Download A– ( sample).

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In accordance with its bylaws, The American Institute of Architects has published documents that serve as standard forms of agreement in the design and construction industry.

Design and Construction Contract Administration. Within an industry spanning 50 states—each free to adopt different, and perhaps contradictory, laws affecting that industry—AIA documents form the basis for a generally consistent body of construction law. Commentaries on A, A, and B may be useful to consult for discussions of analogous provisions in other documents.

B is a standard form of agreement that contains terms and conditions and compensation details. Its mission is to further the special and unique interests of architects practicing in small firms and architects as sole practitioners by working with and through the American Institute of Architects. A A— Owner and Contractor are required to maintain insurance and provide bonds as set forth in Article Documents in the same family are coordinated to tie together the various legal and working relationships on the same project types or delivery methods.

Documents in the Small Projects family are suitable for residential projects, small commercial projects, or other projects of relatively low cost and brief duration when a project is straightforward in design and without delivery complications, such as competitive bidding.


Provisions of A are pared down: AIA Documents Committee and staff. Basic Services are compressed into two phases: Small Firm Sustainable Strategies: It is important to consider factors other than size and cost when determining whether to characterize a project as small and, especially, when deciding what contract agreement to use for any given project.

Beginning in Januarythe City of Austin began to formally review for the fire-flow requirement for houses larger than SF.

A contract should be chosen based on this overall analysis. Project Parameters Worksheet sold by the pack. For Owner’s insurance requirements, see A— No insurance requirements specified for Architect.

Xia go to specific sections of interest in this guide, click Bookmark links or topics in the Table of Contents.

Docucation Docucation, the AIA Contract Documents Education and Training Portal, provides an easy, convenient and affordable way to obtain quality education and resources. They set forth the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the owner, contractor, and architect. The Documents Committee generally begins the process of updating or creating new documents two to three years before projected dates of publication.

It provides model language with explanatory notes to assist users in sqmple AIA Document A— to specific circumstances. The interiors family also includes the following documents: Continuation Sheet sold by the pack. By considering the opinions of a broad range of disciplines, the AIA strives to publish documents that account for the best interests of all parties affected by them.

Contact information for assistance in purchasing AIA Contract Documents and software, technical support, and for assistance saple questions about AIA document content and selection. Members devote time between meetings to complete individual assignments and to attend virtual task group meetings held by Web conference.

Some provisions, such as a limitation of liability clause, further define or limit the scope of services and responsibilities.

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A network of more than 1, members, hosting blogs, a library, events calendar and discussion forums. A small project may be public or private, and may saple of new construction or a renovation. Owner must maintain CGL insurance and other insurance required pursuant to A, if applicable.


These documents—in the Conventional A and Small Projects families—are slated to be updated again in Owner and Contractor are required to maintain insurance and provide bonds as aiq forth in A— AIA Contract Documents have been developed to allocate risks and responsibilities at a level of detail specific to different sizes or types of projects. Scope of b1005 must be inserted or attached.

Unlike in the construction manager as adviser family of documents, where the construction manager has some shared responsibilities with the architect, in C the program manager does not have shared responsibilities with other project participants or authority to act directly on behalf of the owner with respect to the responsibilities of the architect or contractor.

Guide to AIA Contract Documents for Small Projects

Fire-flow for residential construction varies based upon size and construction type see Table B Adopts A by reference for Architect’s Construction Phase duties. Documents in each family provide a consistent structure and text base to support the major relationships on a design and construction project. asmple

If the document is a revised edition, instruction sheets describe changes from the previous edition. B is a master agreement between the owner and architect. Project Abstract sold by the pack.

The program’s success will depend largely on the professional judgement and discretion of the Architect who choose to use this form.