Al-Mathnawi Al-Nuri by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Al-Mathnawi al-Nuri. SAID NURSI WROTE AL-MATHNAWI AL-NURI BEFORE THE MAIN PART of the Risale-i Nur collection. In this book, each thought reveals . Table of Contents for Al-mathnawi al-nuri: seedbed of the light / Bediuzzaman Said Nursi ; translated by Huseyin Akarsu, available from the Library of Congress .

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The world is not something to be disliked, but rather to be loved.

Al-Mathnawi Al-Nuri : Seedbed of the Light

Tughra Books is dedicated to producing high-quality publications that contribute to the proliferation of peace and common understanding throughout the entire world. He soon surpassed them in debates and earned the name Bediuzzaman Wonder of the Age. That is, there is a perfect relation between these pillars of belief: I also have observed that the greater this spiritual disease of the heart becomes, the more people are preoccupied with rational sciences.

With respect to its second facet, the world is the arable field of the Hereafter. Inthe multiparty system was introduced and restrictions on religion were relaxed. Adabus Salat – The Disciplines of the Prayer. Try to assume the mood of intermediaries ranging from Gabriel, who brought it to the Prophet, to the one from whom you hear it directly.

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Thus, they suppose the means to be truly effective [in procuring their food], and so suffer the stigma of ritual impurity as punishment for their blindness and indifference to the true Owner and Giver of Bounties.

Why are dogs, which should be considered blessed due to their many good qualities notably their proverbial loyaltyconsidered ritually unclean? The deities of ancient Greece and other pagan peoples were devised from such devilish assumptions.

Table of contents for Al-mathnawi al-nuri

How Al-mathnnawi Refutes Religion. Aal-nuri first is the superficial belief that God has no partners and that the universe belongs to Him alone. He was never silenced or caught. The “Fourteenth Droplet” discusses the Qur’an’s basic issues and essential purposes, which the Risale-i Nur considers pivotal subjects.


In this book, each all-nuri reveals itself as a shoot, a drop, a bud that would become like a bubbling stream, a perfumed rose garden, a forest murmuring with majesty. He states that the “Risale-i Nur uses demonstrative proof,” which for him is the scientific method, and thus addresses the human mind convincingly.

Just as the spirit and meaning in a seed are found in the body of a tree and shoot, he is a mirror to the First and the Last with respect to his light, which comprises the essence of existence.

The principles of republicanism, nationalism, populism, statism, secularism, and revolution meaning continuing change in the state and society were “officially” accepted as the essential principles to guide the new Turkey.

Whoever holds fast to even a part of them can be elevated.

Vanity 86 Fourth disease: Those who possess this source can possess worlds, and through dependence on God realized with belief, individuals can make everything serve them: Instead, he produced the main part of his greatest work: Cats ask for food and, when they get what they want, behave as if they do not know you or you do not know them.

Ramadan and Thanks Translated. To further weaken Islam’s hold, the new republic also abolished the office of the Shaykh al- Islam, converted many mosques to secular uses, forbade calling the people to prayer in Arabic, and discouraged all public manifestations of religion.

He later collected these speeches in The Discussions. In his Risale-i Nur, considered a classic of Turkish religious literature, he identified the cause of the Muslim world’s decline: Seven Days of the Heart. I have seen the former as a shadowy mirror reflecting someone other than itself.

If you see the universe as a macro-human, you will see his light as its intellect. What falls to one’s part from life’s fruits and purposes is proportionate to the degree of one’s part in the ownership and disposal of one’s life. Although all facets of belief’s truth might appear as separate if they are sensed, perceived, and felt differently, in reality they are tightly connected and different faces of the whole: God will display His Mercy’s colors and radiations, which will consist of the fruits growing from the seeds of this worldly life, in Paradise.


He accepted and then tried to modify the prevalent concept of science by joining religious and modern scientific knowledge, and then justifying this theoretically: A Guide for Women.

Self-admiration due to good deeds 86 Third disease: If you see the universe as an animate being, you will see his light as its soul. The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora. Under “Flower,” in notes that would later be discussed in the Risale-i Nur, many important truths are summarized.

Spiritual diseases lead to preoccupation with rational sciences, and preoccupation with rational sciences gives rise to spiritual diseases.

KNOW, O FRIEND, that I have observed during my journeying in the “layers of darkness” that the Prophet’s sayings and practices, as well as the principles of Islamic law, are like stars that guide us among innumerable dark and misleading ways.

Such believers may be susceptible to deviation and confusion. I have observed that the more people are preoccupied with philosophy, the more their hearts suffer from spiritual disease.

The Secret Rose Garden. After showing the significance of soil as an element through which God manifests His Names, the concept of humility, or being like the soil upon which one prostrates before God, is raised. His words reached millions of people through thecopies handwritten by him and his students.

Inthey were declared innocent. In places where they are seen frequently, thought “sets sail” for immorality and belief is confronted with danger: Every point in the universe contains the truth of his light. He suggests the language of the Qur’an as a model, on the grounds that since the Divine language guides all aspects of our social life, it should guide al-mwthnawi in this matter as well.

Seedbed of the Light.