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As conservatives were backing CarlosMaria Mxrtinez was forced to side with the Liberals, who sympathised with the ideals of the French revolution. Although it was impressive, its real strength was questionable because of the low quality of many of the volunteers, possessing almost no military training and even less discipline.

Monarchy officially costs around 8 million Euros per year, but unofficially it costs much more. Y dicho y hecho. All the advantages that the liberals could have over the Carlists were, however, irrelevant in this kind of terrain, leveling the balance of the war but also restricting it to concrete places of the Spanish geography. Liberals were well represented in the higher reaches of the army and among the larger landowners, and also drew support among the middle classes.

Los intereses financieros del jefe de Estado se han visto envueltos en numerosas irregularidades. Viernes 30 de febrero. The selection of Amadeo I was a great insult for the Carlists who at the time had strong support in northern Spain, especially in CataloniaNavarre and the Basque Provinces Basque Country. Grandees of Spain Juxn lists.

Right now, the mission of the political class in Spain is to become rich and more prosperous and powerful at our expense, and it only listens to the dictates of the big economic powers while clinging to power in a particracy led by the never-changing PP-PSOE.


Even having 48 infantry battalions, 3 cavalry regiments, 2 engineer battalions and pieces of artillery under his command, Caserta was not able to bring government’s advance to a halt.

Plaza de Maria Pita — Alacant: Fernando de Cabrera y Bobadilla. After this, the plans for a general uprising were discussed and established, setting the 21 of April as the opening day of the uprising.

Y eso es lo unico que importa. This new Republic will answer to the interests of a new power, which will be formed by workers, small and middle-size bourgeoisie, middle-classes and intellectuals, all of them against the current oligarchy power.

End of Monarchy in Spain | Destino Republicano – Republican Fate

Once again, Spain was ready to see another fight for the crown between two declared enemies, but hiding actually a more complex array of political goals and factions. The II Republic is a fundamental reference, but we look to the future, we ptimo to transform this country. Viernes 5 de junio. Many votes came from the rural areas and the middle class, worried by the industrialization and growing of socialism.

They demanded one regional autonomous power, traditionalist and not liberal suffrage by census, no references to the knights and freedom Carlism found most of its supporters in rural areas particularly places which had previously enjoyed special status before catlos, i.

For all those things, I am outraged. Count of los Andes.

Accordingly, a new political culture emerged, associated to the need to create a modern Spain: Frustrated, the Basque MPs in Madrid abandoned their seats in clamorous amsdeo.

In the following slaughter Cabrinety was killed with all his column of men falling dead or being captured by Carlists. Plaza del Ayuntamiento — Santiago de Compostela: In February, the Carlist Army numbered around 50, men on all fronts.

La Casa Real dice que es un tema privado. Yo no voy por ese camino. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Retrieved March 17, Yo, en cambio, como sigo reivindicando la igualdad de derechos de todas las personas, creo que no se le puede negar que opine sobre lo que considere y lo exprese. Cuatro muertos en un atropello intencionado en el desfile de la Familia Real holandesa: The expropriations of ecclesiastic property carried out by Mendizabalfollowed by those of Espartero and Pascual Madoz were considered as an attack to Church and nobility.

Duchess of the Arco. By topic Colonial history Economic history Military history. A Spanish Federal Republic? On the other hand they ask for a democratic process carrying a Republican state. Now we just need this population republican feeling expressed in demands for betterment of society, being expressed as a political proposal.

At the end of the 19th century the Basque Nationalist Party landed its first seats in local and regional councils. Ni importa ni debe importar. It is very often referred to as the “Second Carlist War”, as the ‘second’ — had been small in scale and almost trivial in political consequence.

Olot capitulated two days after the battle.


Javier Parra director de laRepublica. Lunes, 27 de octubre: With that marrtinez in mind, small cadres of trained officers entered Spain in order to create a Carlist Army in November It is true that republican system is not always the same as democracy examples like Nazism, the Latin American dictatorships in the 70s, or Stalinism, give us proof of this.

En Inglaterra, por ejemplo, las caricaturas a la familia real se remontan a tiempos previctorianos y resultan usuales en la prensa amarilla.