Read a new Preface by Anne Rice about The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Now Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the. This item:The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Box Set: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty; Beauty’s Punishment; Beauty’s by A. N. Roquelaure Paperback $ The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty: Number 1 in series [A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Step beyond the wall of your .

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It’s like when you catch an espisode of The Love Boat and you realize that show was really sexist and kinda terrible – but when you watched it when it originally aired you didn’t see any of that.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aside from the overzealous paddle-wielding, the story wasn’t really particularly “dark”. So my friend sent me an article about “50 Shades of Grey”, mentioning that real erotica experts thought 50 was crap and “Sleeping Beauty” was the real thing. I love Anne Rice. The Complete Vampire Companion: My father was still living then and I didn’t want him to know about the books either.

They definitely inspired me years later when I started to write my own erotica. It’s excessive and it is erotica. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The dregrees of torture range from slapping the buttocks to public gang bangs. In fact, some madams have said that men who enjoy playing the passive role are often men who are very powerful in real life.

So I dove i I purchased this book originally to read aloud with my best friend as a joke of some sort. The reason I’ve stayed away thus far is due to all the hype either. Psychiatrists have written volumes on the nature of the sadomasochistic fantasy, but when I wrote the trilogy I didn’t know of any fiction that really enabled you to slide in it and “play” the way I wanted to play.

He had stepped over sleeping chambermaids and valets, and, breathing the dust and damp of the place, he finally stood in the door of her sanctuary. I did not heed their warnings because I was too curious. But honestly, as soon as they stepped foot or hands and knees in this castle I stopped any kind of good feelings for this terrible book.


Apr 20, Kay rated it did not like it Shelves: I felt sick to my stomach on many occasions, especially when Prince Alexi tells the tale of his own abuse and degradation. Sleeping Beauty was treated more like a sex toy rather than a princess in this book.

You can see why i can’t forget about it, now every time I hear the words “sleeping beauty” I remember this book, I didn’t even read the second or the third, I believe I would have had a heart attack, LooL, anyway I don’t think I would recommend any body to read it, you will gain nothing but erotically twisted imagination, no emotions and bad feelings, if I could give it less or no stars I would: Will not waste my time on anymore books like this.

But when you get with your friends or school you hear them talking about having casual sex just because they wanted too. Tristan answers, after some hesitation, that he loves anyone who punishes him no matter how crude or lowly they are and desires the loss of his self amid all the punishments, eventually “becoming” the punishments himself.

I felt that ended just the way I wanted.

Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure

Okay so I’ll just assume that people who are reading this book review are 18 years old and above. I wanted to really delve into intense sensuous pleasure but put a gilded frame around a safe place for the reader from which he or she could go and come with ease. It is on a whole other level. Knowledge is the key to life people and they seem to forget that.

The second book starts as Beauty and another naked slave from the castle, Prince Tristan, are sold at auction in the village square.

Some of them were just born into that life because of where they live.

Tristan, as a pony, reunites with his former owner Nicholas on a temporary basis. He drew out his sword, with which he had cut back all the vines outside, and gently slipping the blade between her two breasts, let it rip easily through the old fabric.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I usually don’t read a book more than once, but I I love dirty books! And boy, are those some sick thoughts! Yet the worst part of this whole fucked up world is the spankings. Archived from the original on Feb 08, Dd rated it did not like it. Anne Rice fans beware But we all know we read these books to get hot so I doubt anyone is scandalized. I totally dig trashy, nasty, dirty romance slesping, especially the ones seleping use ridiculous words like tumescent, which is what I expected this book to be–with a fairy tale context.

Cruelty and meanness and pain and rape. Whoever claimed that the story told in this book has anything to do with BDSM ought to look up the term and learn that one of the key elements of BDSM is the ability to make it stop, with a safeword that ends either the scene or the relationship. Beauty’s breath became uneven, and she felt the moisture between her legs as though a grape had been squeezed there The sun was high in the sky and those vines had fallen away, so the light fell in dusty shafts from the lofty windows.

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Now ever since I had read my riquelaure fairy tale,Cinderella,I had always dreamed of a Prince Charming,loved him,sighed with my friends over him,and just I never expected a library to stock the Beauty trilogy. According to some, I’m not open minded or enlightened enough to appreciate its value. Not meant for the young.

The same things were repeated page after page.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A.N. Roquelaure

I would not recommend it to roquflaure. View all 25 comments. I went through the blurb of this book again to see if this book was a parody of fairytales and BDSM.

Sleeping Beauty 4 books.