Antonio. Pigafetta wrote one of the most influential journals of the 16th century in , which recorded the events of the Mallegan voyage around the world. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. By Antonio Pigafetta. Original text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. (Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company.

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Sunday, the 7th of April, about midday, we entered the port of Zzubu, having passed by many villages.

The First Voyage Round the World/Pigafetta’s Account of Magellan’s Voyage

There were also many palm trees both good and bad. And now it is no longer a cape, but it is a river which has a mouth seventeen leagues in width, by which it enters into the sea. Subject Date – Our men brought eighteen of these giants, both men and women, whom they placed in two divisions, half on one side of the port, and the other half at the other, to hunt the said animals. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign pigafeetta to your Oxford Academic account above.

Gutierrez About Lyndon B. Then the captain asked him if he had any enemies who made war upon him, and that if he had any he would go and defeat them with his men and ships, to put them under his obedience. It is to be noted that all and as many times as that light which represents the said St.

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Antojio text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Piagfetta. In order that the king might be more respected and obeyed, the captain-general got him to come one day at the hour of mass with his silk robe, and summoned his two brothers, one named Bondara, who was the father of the prince, and the other named Cadaro, and some of his chief men, whose names were Simiut, Sibuaia, Sisacai, [] Magalibe, joirnal others whom it is unnecessary to name separately; and he made them all swear to be obedient to their king, whose hand they all of them kissed.


At last, in eight days, all the inhabitants of this island were baptised, and some belonging to the neighbouring islands. He then bade one of his principal men ask what we were seeking. After that the two kings and the captain rested themselves; and, while conversing, I asked where was the best port for obtaining victuals.

On the opposite side to the sail, they have a large piece of wood, jpurnal above, with poles across, which are in the water, in order to go more securely under sail: That done the old women took off their robes, and ate what was in the two dishes, inviting only women to join pigafettta. When our people went on shore by day or by night, they always met with some one who invited them to eat and drink. When this giant was unwell [92] he asked for the cross, and embraced and kissed it much, and journa, wished to become a Christian before his death, and we named him Paul.

Our men had cross-bows and guns, [51] but pigafetya never could hit one of these giants, because they did not stand still in one place, but leaped hither and thither. The people of this place, almost all, excepting [30] women and children, have three holes in the lower lip, and carry, hanging in them, small round stones, about a finger in length. Sometimes we had the wind contrary and at other times sufficiently good, and rains without wind.

Slavery after Rome, — Finally very illustrious lordafter all provisions had been made, and the vessels were in order, the captain-general, a discreet and virtuous pigafegta, careful of his honour, would not commence his voyage without first making some good and wholesome ordinances, such as it is the good custom to make for joyrnal who go to sea.

Piagfetta which the king answered that he desired to be the same towards him. When we landed the ships discharged all their artillery, and from fear of it the people ran away in all directions.

Pigafetta belonged to a rich family city of Vicenza in northeast Italy. When it was time for saying mass the captain went ashore with fifty men, not with their arms, but only with their swords, and dressed as well as each one was able to dress, and before the boats reached the shore our ships fired six cannon shots as a sign of peace.


After that he himself promised to be jjournal faithful to him, swearing by the image of our Lady, by the life of the emperor his sovereign, and by the habit which he wore.

In order that our ships might not perish nor broach to [16] as it often happens when the squalls come togetherwe struck our sails, and in that manner we pigaeftta about the sea hither and thither until the fair weather came. The only other sailor to maintain a journal during the voyage was Francisco Albo, Victoria ‘s last pilotwho kept a formal logbook.

The voyage of Magellan; the journal of Antonio Pigafetta in SearchWorks catalog

His meticulous notes proved invaluable to future explorers and cartographersmainly due to his inclusion of nautical and linguistic data, and also to latter-day historians because of its vivid, detailed style. These animals, the carniolles, have the teeth and skin black, and their shell is white.

When she saw it, she had a greater desire to be a Christian, and, asking for baptism, she was baptised and named Jehanne, like the mother of the emperor. It is to be known that it happened that it had not rained for two months before we came there, and the day that we arrived it began to rain, on which account the people of the said place said that we came from heaven, and had brought the rain with us, which was great simplicity, and these people were easily converted to pigzfetta Christian faith.

Four of our men were chosen to despatch and sell this merchandise. They replied that there were three, that is to say, Ceylon, Zzubu, [] and Calaghan, but that Zzubu was the largest and of the most traffic.