Asar Imhotep studies African Philosophy, Egyptology, and Greek Scholia and History of Scholarship. Asar Imhotep is a software developer and Africana. Asar Imhotep. likes · 44 talking about this. Asar Imhotep is a Computer Programmer, Poet, Photographer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher. The latest Tweets from Asar Imhotep (@imhotep06). Asar Imhotep is a computer programmer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher from Houston, TX.

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Not only that, but that one must integrate it and make it unique and applicable for your family and people back home.

The Case of the Bakala of North America.

“The African Superhighway of Wisdom” by Asar Imhotep

Its aim is imnotep explicate from primary sources—and from related African languages and cultures—the methods that inspire the various conceptual and emblematic associations related to ancient Egyptian kingship in particular and African kingship in general. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Asar is a noted speaker and philosopher and is currently organizing efforts in a nation-wide venture titled The African-American Cultural Development Project—a national project aimed at creating a framework for an African-American culture which will help vitally stimulate the economic, political, scientific and cultural spheres of African-American life in the United States.

In addition, Nswt Bjty also explores the primary functions and duties of the African king and queen in an effort to develop a framework for creating effective leaders in the modern African world community. The following is a summary of an analysis on the formation of the plural a linguistic feature in imnotep Negro-Egyptian N-E language phylum, reconstructed by Jean-Claude Mboli in his work Origine des Langues Africaines It is aswr Amen of the Egyptians becomes Imana of Rwanda.

African Cosmology of ssar Bantu Kongo: Drawing from these teachings, Mutwa was able to craft a cosmological poem with which he starts his book Indaba My Children. This fosters critical thinking and discourages dogma as a paradigm. For those who have spoken with brother Mutwa knows that he has travelled farther then south East Africa for initiations.

Kmhotep of Life and Living.

This will also put a stumbling block to those historians who claim there was no contact between Egyptians and other Black African nations. Brother Abongo, one of the hosts of the show, is one of his students out of Atlanta.


Skip to main content. We come to find out that this is not the case and in fact is an insult to our intelligence.

That is why the collective historical memory in Africa is seldom limited to one territory. He is most active in the Yoruba system of Ifa. Dogon bloodlines include the families of: Pages Public Figure Asar Imhotep. This is why ancient Egyptian concepts are not openly displayed in Africa.

Contrary to popular belief, hieroglyphs mdw ntr is more than a writing script, it is a pedagogical tool and method which teaches one how to be imhotel by nature and how to imitate its functional genius in order to asr human problems more sustainably.

Therefore it is not by chance that a statuette of Osiris was found in situ in an archeological layer in Shaba, a province of Zaire.

The Edfu text instructs us that aear wave of Heru kings from the south of Ta-Meri conquered what is now Egypt and established the first dynasties. Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters.

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There’s a problem loading this menu right now. In his unpublished dissertation titled Beyond the Colonial Gazehe goes on to state:. This exchange of ideas has been going on since before written records and it is this African social practice that makes it difficult for Africanists to pinpoint the origins of ideas without being initiated into African educational systems where they can find out.

Yosef Ben Jochannan, another initiated scholar, talks about the Free Mason type lodge system that existed in ancient Ta-Meri These are very important questions to answer. The goal is critical analysis. From here we explore the social dynamics of such an identity and its potential impact on African-American ethnic solidarity, cultural expressiveness, economic and political development and its subsequent power relations.

Asar Imhotep –

In the past, this knowledge was transmitted regularly from generation to generation by rites of initiation and various forms of traditional education. The man who travels discovers and lives other initiations, notes the differences or similarities, broadens the scope of his understanding. He explains this philosophy as such Not only that, he states they were doing a practice that they have done before — thousands of years ago with the Phoenicians. Amadou Hampate Ba instructs us that sages used to travel great distances to learn and that this system integrated people from across the continent.


The remaining masters took these institutions underground for hundreds of years for fear of reprisal from both the colonial and religious powers. He provides for us the ins and outs of this practice and it gives us some insight on how it was carried out in ancient times.

When the term ni left Africa for Europe and became the word a ni mus from whence animal derivedhow did this relate to totenism in ancient cultures? Our primary methods for analysis will be historical comparative linguistics, archeology, cultural anthropology and comparative religion.

Credo Mutwa, in Indaba my Childrentalks about how the priesthood had to go underground when the Europeans came into South Africa.

The African of the savannah used to travel a great deal. Some were big with ugly faces like that of a hippopotamus, and who walked on all fours. Its aim is to explicate from primary sources—and from related African languages and cultures—the methods that inspire the various conceptual and emblematic associations imhotp to ancient Egyptian kingship in particular and African kingship in general.

Asar Imhotep Online Institute

The Hidden Fraternity also met in places where the young Chosen Ones imhtoep made to take oaths when they assumed duty. The most important obligation was to swear never to reveal the identity of any one of the High Hidden Ones, who were given and still are given the reverence and the respect of a Lesser God.

A Lesson in Paronymy and Leadership takes a fresh look into the meaning of the name Nsw.

There adar two records of their interaction: This text essentially asks the question, “How does our understanding of the word love, linguistically, affect our application of the concept in our everyday lives in intimate and communal relationships? Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.