We’ve been building, driving, hucking, flipping, bashing and thrashing Axial’s new EXO Terra scale buggy for the last several weeks. Is it worth. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Axial Ax 4WD RTR Exo Terra Buggy, 1/10 Scale at Read honest and unbiased product . Axial EXO Terra Buggy Kit 4WD EP. Description: Axial’s R&D team started with a clean slate and took an in depth look at the off-road desert scene before.

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The complete system is 3S capable which will allow you to lay down some serious power! Taking 3 minutes to install a battery vs.

Wind back the hands of time to when Associated first released their legendary RC10 buggy. Threaded shock bodies, multiple shock positions front and rear, adjustments for toe, kick-up rearcamber, roll center and ackerman allow you to fine tune your suspension for terrq performance and high speed handling.

BKoz What light kit are you using? I bought my girlfriend a Terr kit and she just got finished assembling and painting it. Axial 10m Shock Parts Their ability to stand up to the abuse demanded by the full-size racer and their show quality finish is second to none. Exl Tiger Vehicle Parts. We are not responsible for any inadvertent errors.

Axial EXO Terra Buggy Review « Big Squid RC – RC Car and Truck News, Reviews, Videos, and More!

The second issue was the included servo horn intended for Hitec, it did not fit properly. On the first run the motor mount slid, moving the pinion away from the spur bringing out buggy to a halt. She wasn’t happy that her buggy had all that interior detail but didn’t have a steering wheel. Internal ribbing helps reinforce the sidewall to prevent it from folding over which keeps the tires working at peak performance.

We set up the chassis with negative 1 degree of camber front and rear. Send a private message to thehuntingterminator. Bhggy boil it down, the EXO is a fabulous turner that makes you look and feel like Superman out on the track. Btw, the stock inserts are quite soft which is a plus on loose dirt, but less than optimal on pavement. Also… the rear dog bones like to pop out. Brake Amount — sets the percentage of braking power at full brake. The final issue was I stripped one of the shock caps during the build.


As far as a 2S LiPo, any pack should be fine that fits your budget. If you have big hands AND like to curse AND bugggy a bad temper please lock all large hammers away before you attempt to pop a battery in.

Then there is the sand and silt out in the desert, no one likes to get stuck, and 2WD Trophy Trucks and Class 1 rigs are always buried to the belly pan, so we need 4 wheel drive. Find More Posts by MTboy. Do you have a video to share with RC Car Action?

Threaded shock bodies, multiple shock positions and adjustments for ride height, suspension travel, toe, kickup rearcamber, roll center and ackerman allow you to fine tune your suspension for high performance.

However, both the chassis and rear center driveshaft were slightly bent, still not bad for a worst case landing. If not, it’s no more difficult then any other vehicle. Drag Brake — sets the percentage of brake that is automatically applied at neutral throttle. She was looking through a tower catalog and saw the Exo. If temps are too high under normal conditions try changing the overall gear ratio with either a smaller pinion or a bigger spur gear.

Aluminum skid plate inserts add an extra level of protection and feature an embossed surface for added style. The lower plastic end plates are adjustable which allow you to fit any battery pack, and in most cases, two batteries will fit standing on edge.

This was pretty much a worst case scenario for that jump and nothing on the EXO broke, in fact it was able to drive away. Here is an updated pic of my GF’s Exo.


In a grassy backyard full of holes and chop the EXO remained very controllable at moderate to high speeds. LED lights not included. Transmitter, receiver, speedo, motor, paint, steering servo, CA glue, battery, battery charger, AA batteries for transmitter.

The motor position is centered lengthwise and battery is positioned towards the center for balance and stability. In an effort to better serve you, our reader, and ensure a rich and relevant experience please help us by completing this RC interest profile. There was enough power on tap to burn the tires off from a dead stop, more than enough to make all the jumps at the local track, even those only 8th scale buggys were making and temperatures were all quite reasonable.

The EXO does include wheels, tires and a clear body, but does not include electronics. Your email address will not be published. Thats killer your girl rips with you.

Then, simply push down and lift up on the two straps and terrw battery can then be removed. During assembly I noticed those bolts seemed a couple mm too short and sure enough one of them fell out after a half dozen runs.


If using as a GoPro mount you must use the aluminum spacers provided as shown in the pictures. Axial made it easy for you by including what we found to be the right balance of high speed and harsh terrain buggg.

This feature can be turned off for use with standard NiMH packs. The design concept was simple, if money were no axil and we could build any full size rig we wanted, what would it be?

Aluminum skid plate inserts add an extra level of protection and feature an embossed surface for added style.