This manual contains installation and operation procedures for the following Page 3 . Considerations for Safe Operation of Your Biodex Multi-Joint System. Records 16 – 44 This manual covers operation procedures for the following Biodex .. Biodex Multi-Joint System 3, Rev 2 or higher, with the proper hardware. Bi doex. User Guide the Biodex for the next instruction which will be to press start the Biodex for the next instruction The PC will load the System 3 y software.

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Use caution when lifting the T-base to place the pads underneath.


Raising dynamometer or tilting seat- back can accommodate various size patients. Instruct subject to lie supine on positioning chair with hip to be tested closest to the dynamometer. Tighten the lever to secure the footplate in place. A warm-up is designed to prepare an athlete More information.

Interchangeable upper and lower extremity attachments afford a wide range of exercise possibil-ities. If you do use a pattern that deviates from the manual, be sure to fully document it in your Patient File notes.!

Fully ReclinedAxis of Rotation: Range of Motion A guide for you after spinal cord injury Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program This booklet has been written by the health care providers who provide care to people who have a spinal. Turn the system ON. Release the handle to lock the seat in place, making sure the seatsets in the appropriate detente.


When affixing any attachment to the dynamometer shaft, position the attachment so that its dot for the side to be exercised aligns with the dynamometer shaft red dot. These stabilization handles are also convenient for the clinician as a means to pull or 5 push the chair fore or aft on the T-base.

System 4 Software Update v – Software Updates – Physical Medicine | Biodex

We recommend that you download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Seat Rotation Handle This adjustment is important because it allows you to personalise your More information. To change modes, press any mode button. Footplate Rotation Lever B.

After completing the Setup mode routine, select Isotonic mode from the control panel. Work submaximally to minimize and develop protocols accordingly. The Biodex System 4 also allows clinicians the option to select automated mamual and exercise sessions.

To move the dynamometer, press down on either foot pedal and slide the dynamometer to the desired location. The Biodex System Control Panel.


Click here to get the latest version. Your doctor or therapist will tell you More information. Athletes who have poor static balance have been found to have weak evertors. Click the Shut Down to bring up the Shut Down window. Release the handle and ensure that it locks into the selected detente. Review Monday s Lecture. Eccentric torque up to ft-lb Nm Accommodates the demands of today’s athletes and sports medicine researchers. View in Fullscreen Report. Allow the subject time for a brief passive stretch4.


Make sure straps do not impede range of motion. It is suggested that clinicians who are not familiar with the Biodex system read the precedingchapters and practice each setup with a healthy subject before attempting to position any personfor actual testing or exercise.

System is intended for installation by a qualified electrician in accordance with More information. In thismode the dynamometer shaft is free to rotate at 45 degrees per second so that fixtures can besecured, range of motion limits can be set, and the subject can be properly positioned and stabi-lized prior to exercise.

Seat back can be tilted to accommodate various size patients.

If edema is a concern, the dynamometer and multi-support fixture may be raised during reha- bilitation. These exercises reduce stiffness and will prevent or at More information. All rights reserved Version: Progress flexion only under the direct supervision of a physician. Thank you for allowing Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.