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About the Author Darren Westwood is a combat veteran and Jutsu technician. Hook 63 Common Studied B. Not pretty but it gets the job done!

The effect of this upon the development of Karate at this time had a profound consequence. Our lower grades are encouraged to block and counter but not in isolation of grappling and close-quarter combat considerations.

Bushi-Jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – Darren Westwood, Andrew Paskin – Google Books

If the strike is mistimed or misjudged, it can cause injury to both yourself and your opponent. Use your own insight into sciemce art and your own interpretation of the techniques to arrive at the most effective technique possible for your body type. In the real world, you will probably cause yourself far more injury than your opponent.

There are times when our techniques don’t work out quite the way we imagined. Remember me Forgot password? The traditional throws of Judo have little street effect as some of them endanger the defender more than the attacker. He is a perfectionist technician in Kata and has trained with Tomiyama Sensei, etc.

Uchinadi Pinan Shodan — Kakushi Waza Perpetuity E 45 Bushi-Jutsu A little more complicated — the first technique — morote Uchi — could be a defence against a punch or a knife attack — we have chosen a knife attack to demonstrate effect. The answer is simple – posture. In so doing, we have had cause to question all of the current beliefs which exist in all of the combative arts.

S ensei Westwood has trained for approximately the same amount of time as Sensei Paskin. One cannot exist without the other s. If a ghe is thrown, the opponent will cower. This logically assumes that, if you are stepping forward, you are attacking, not blocking, and if you are stepping off-line, you are moving away from an assumed attack so there is no need to block it, it’s not going to hit you anymore.


Sensei Paskin then shifted to Shorin-Ryu, which he believed was closer to the roots of true Karate. We have found, during the course of this study, that the classical Karate ‘corkscrew’ punch is not budhi-jutsu in a real combat situation.

There are, however, certain advantages to having been exposed to aggression in real-life situations. The techniques contained within this book, we hope, will prepare you for the worst kind of violent confrontation and enable you to retaliate with devastating effect! The Japanese Shogunate imposed further laws to completely eliminate the practice and deployment of the original Okinawan fighting systems. Mid-punch position Fo position 1 Two points; which portion of the fist will make contact and who will be the one most seriously hurt?

We do also use low-level, short-range side kicks and stamping kicks, but these tend to be more useful as finishers a bsuhi-jutsu kick to a vulnerable area whilst grounded is devastating. This is where this very informative book by Andy Paskin and Darren Westwood will be of help.

In a ‘live’ street situation, any kick above waist height is simply not effective. We simply need to be able to access that ‘lost’ v information and reintroduce it into our training.

A final point to remember is that, whether trained or untrained, all aggressors are dangerous. When the Samurai, escaping the wars, took Okinawan wives who then bore children, were these children taught only the ways of the Okinawan bushi-uutsu or the then new hybrid incorporating the ways of the Samurai armed and un-armed.

We have studied the cross, hook, upper-cut and jab of boxing. Ude Uchi could be applied to the temple of the attacker as a penetrative attack which causes disorientation. If, however, you are grappled to the ground, you may not be and will need to take control very quickly. We would not argue with this – their place is in a movie. Palm strike to grab 3.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

The contact point of the head is critical see example. Kaku shite This means ‘Hidden Hand’ and represents the covert purpose, concealed within the execution of the kata and not at once obvious in the physical effecting of the technique.

There is a section, coming up, which focuses on the use of fingers and thumbs in combat. The arm is then captured and turned into Ikkio, held Hidari-te, and the attacker is struck Migi Tate Zuki to the Jodan region.


Some so-called blocks are posture breaks. It was during the 17th century that a law was introduced which prevented any Okinawan using or even owning a weapon. The arm is raised on its way to apply a Kyusho strike to the mid-section or neck area prior to the final application of an entire arm lock and manipulation technique Shiho Nage. The Kata are essentially a record of the original Karate system; a system which was designed to deal with the chaotic nature of a live confrontation.

This book is written in a warm and engaging matter that will make this fascinating subject easily accessible to all. Within Kihon, as stated previously, there is a certain amount of repetition. For the closing moves of Nidan, the following application can apply: The Kata themselves, therefore, are extremely well equipped to utilise the involuntary responses to attacks to certain anatomically vulnerable points.

It should be noted, at this point, that today’s means of Kata instruction and practice are much more relaxed than they once were. However, the ‘defender’ drops slightly and turns AWAY from the pull opposite directionstrikes Tetsui Uchi to the floating ribs, and rises to either a lock the arm fingers could be trapped in clothingor b release the grab. As a result, a growing proportion of martial artists are no longer content to practice their chosen art simply as a form of exercise, a means of character development or as a sport.

The essence of the art of Karate is attaining a spiritual goal through the practice of the Kata, so that the Karateka competes against himself and succeeds in conquering himself. The need to study the Kata for this is very obvious.

Power, however, is lost if a kick has to be extended higher than the waist, as a fair proportion of the energy is used up in achieving the height and looking fancy.

Should you be attacked for your wallet, your mobile phone, your jewellery or just because someone has taken a disliking to you, you should be prepared to be exposed to this extreme violence. During these and forthcoming examples of Bunkai Jutsu, we seek only to enlighten with the evidence that the true application of Kata was devastating. Out on the streets, you would have those fingers ripped off!

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