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Not the mild physical attraction he had felt as a fledging, but a savage, demanding relentless ache. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription.

They crowded in until he was nearly overwhelmed. Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient. He knew without looking that he had exactly five hours to sunrise.

Branches swayed, bushes rustled. Too many of the males were turning, giving up their souls to become the undead in desperation. The room was protected with even greater threats.

He sent her a light mental push, very delicate, wanting her to sleep so he could examine her. Alert now, he finished his task quickly, releasing the young man from his trance, implanting the continuing conversation, laughing amicably, accepting the handshake with ease, steadying the man when he was a bit dizzy. One hand curled over the thin sheet. I won’t meet with you. His eyes made her feel as if she belonged to him, as if he had a right to her. Or if she was in the presence of a very sick and evil mind.


He knew every healing herb and every poison root. He spared her a glance, his eyes sweeping over the buxom figure.

El Principe Oscuro

He touched you, put his hand on you. It amazed him how strong she was, there was no telepathic spillage, no way for anyone with telepathic ability other than he to tell she was in distress.

Carefully avoiding skin contact, Raven allowed herself to be seated. He hurtled through the sky, the cool air fanning his rage. And you don’t use a ‘push’ anyway, you issue a command and demand compliance. The few ffehan women seemed able to produce only males. Noble de Corazon Julianne MacLean. A man with unlimited power, arrogant in his strength, a man who believed he had a right to her.

Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

With the threat of human wars growing closer to their village, a vampire threat likely hidden in the carnage Vladimir and his lifemate Sarantha have even darker worries. The room was unexpectedly, strangely silent as if they were all collectively oscugo their breath. Very slowly, reluctantly, he allowed her feet to touch the threshold.

He might lose control. You could have killed him. This man spoke causally of killing, yet she could not feel evil in him. Raven made herself smile back at him, unaware of the way she looked, innocent, sexy, completely unattainable. He had been more than gentle.

She closed her eyes, terrified of his touch. In the protection of his home he paced with a long forgotten restless energy. Deep within the shadows he bent his dark head and fed well. That’s worse because it makes people sheep.


A human filled with compassion, intellect and strength. He was careful to keep his emotions firmly in control. Looking for beautiful books?

El Principe Oscuro by Feehan, Christine

She would feel safer if she were among people. She knew what isolation was. Christihe within the bird’s form, his body stirred. And this time she could walk away. She would not get away from him.

Her eyes, brilliant sapphires, were haunted, shadows in the paleness of her face. It tugged at her heartstrings, put terror in her mind.

His face was first red, then mottled, his eyes bulging. Simplemente Enamorados Mary Balogh. Death and damnation could wait another day while he satisfied his curiosity. She had blue eyes. Males lost the ability to see in other than drab grays and shadows about the same time they lost their emotions. She had reminded him there was such a thing as laughter, that there was more to life than existence. He hoped she was as strong as he believed her to be. And this time he didn’t want to fight it.