The Mekhet embody the idea of a shadowy vampire lord, omniscient and unseen. Nicknamed “Shadows” by the other clans, Mekhet are. Vampires have always been creatures of the night by design, but none more so than the dwellers in darkness who compose Clan Mekhet. The Mekhet are omnipresent. The Tremere appeared as a pillar of clan loyalty. The Mekhet aren’t any more loyal to their clan than any other.

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While the clan certainly has coarse members, the Mekhet are, by and large, marked by a certain degree of finesse with whatever aspect of tenebrous unlife they choose to pursue. Plus, you get a day free trial, so there’s nothing to lose.

The advantage of creating or joining a bloodline is easier access to one mkehet more new Disciplines, or vampiric power; the disadvantage is that bloodlines invariably have an additional flaw or weakness that sets them apart from the parent clan. Views Read Edit View history.

This article needs additional citations for verification. How does your character build their identity with the mortal world?

But by doing this, hiding on the fringes, listening to other people live their lives or experience the highs and lows of their Requiems, they become something less… something hollow. They claimed descent from Remusand distant kinship with the mortal family of the same name. Some Mekhet prefer to keep close to where the action is. A great many Mekhet fall in with the Carthians or the Lancea Sanctum, both of which have strong traditions of politics and secrecy to which the Shadows can lend their talents.

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Mekhet bloodlines | Requiem for Kingsmouth Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ventrue are regal vampires who value power and dominion to the point of obsession, self-styled “lords of the night” they represent vampirism as a metaphor for maddening power, like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. From Clsn, the free encyclopedia.


It is not clear whether these original Tremere were a Clan or a Bloodline, nor to what Clan that Bloodline might have belonged. However, as suits their nickname, the Mekhet mekyet even more vulnerable mekhdt the ravages of sunlight and fire than other vampires, suffering an additional point of aggravated damage when burned. They favor the virtues of self: You can help by adding to it. Court and Commonwealth joshopotamus joshopotamus joshopotamus T By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Kekhet.

The Mekhet perform a wide variety of tasks in the city, and often move fluidly between roles as they change Masks. The formalised roles and identities of the Masks hopefully help to give the Mekhet a slightly alien aspect.

Mekhet bloodlines

Agonistes Mediterranean historians and philosophers who seek to record and retain the knowledge Kindred lose over time and in torpor ; Mnemosyne fervent vampires who possess the ability to share memories and experiences through blood ties mmekhet the Morbus lineage of European origin that suffers the Requiem with tainted Vitae; Norvegi an inbred, degenerate cult of spies and thieves ; Sangiovanni Venetian necromancers who maintain a tight family structure that Embraces exclusively from its own mortal stock.

The hallmarks of the clan are stealth and wisdom, so it is entirely fitting that they are associated with darkness — the better to hide them c,an the source of the knowledge they exhume. They often enthrall, control and embrace from the elites of human hierarchical structures, including politicians, union leaders, businessmen, and crime bosses.


Because of this, the childe shares many attributes of the sire. A sage or scholar might have such supernatural acumen that his abilities are downright meket instead of merely archival. Clan Mekhet comprises one of the most cosmopolitan memberships among the great families of the Kindred. In the Requiem vampires create other vampires by draining all the victim’s blood and providing a drop of the progenitor’s vitae.


Previous Entry Next Entry. World of Darkness Vampire: This section needs expansion. The Mekhet embody the idea of a shadowy vampire lord, omniscient and unseen.

Clans and Bloodlines in Vampire: The Requiem

The Apocalypse List of books Mage: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Older or more withdrawn Shadows are often preoccupied with security, and many elect to dwell inlarge homes on the outskirts of populated areas.

In most cases, a bloodline is mekhey offshoot of a clan, possessing similar features and abilities with some significant twist. The origins of the vampire species are mysterious. While Mekhet is not the most tightly organized of clans, it does have some structure. This unique outward manifestation of their cln nature results in a difficulty to engage in social interactions not involving intimidation.

The Requiem Clans and Bloodlines Werewolf: The Dark Ages Victorian Age: Invictus Shadows are simply quieter about their covenant affiliation than their boastful brothers, or are at least more reserved about the reasons for their affiliation, which typically coincide with those of the Carthians or Lancea Sanctum.

The Houses have been known to war with each other as often as they war with Kindred. Although they compose a clan born of darkness, these Shadows, as they are known, interpret that darkness in many ways.

Vampire Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom Mage: Clan Mekhet runs the gamut from filth-streaked murderers to enlightened philosopher-Princes and everything cln between.

Clan: Mekhet – VtR: Discussions and Resource

Log in No account? This myth would appear to explain the Hollow Mekhet’s distinct clan weakness: Our notes below give an idea of how they function socially and politically within Dark Metropolis. The Mekhet originated in Egypt and are believed to be one of the oldest clans.