#corrientes #kotz en #spaananda #tonificacion #circulación #bombeo # circulatorio #electroestimulacion #biolifting #reflexology en @spaananda # resultados. Propuesta en los años ’70 por el médico ruso Kotz, es una corriente sinusoidal de media frecuencia. La corriente de media frecuencia tiene. Words to be looked at: language in s art / Liz Kotz. p. cm. En La Corriente/In the Stream (Valencia: IVAM, ) nonetheless offers an essential.

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The bioelectrical signals which adjust all our actions can be supplemented or even partly replaced by electrical stimulation. Below you can see the types of current and their applications, reported in a very simplified manner: This type of therapy is easy to tolerate and uses interferential currents which are able to penetrate deeper in the tissues.

The new range of T-ONE with 4 channels is able to fully cover the market demand related to sports performance and sports medicine up to the most professional levels of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


This type of treatment replaces oral medication and acts directly on the affected area. Kotz currents are used to strengthen muscle tone in cirrientes innervated muscles.

Home Electrotherapy or Electro-Stimulation? Srl, a highly professional company operating in the medical devices market.

Electrotherapy or Electro-Stimulation?

I-Tech Medical Division is a registered trademark of I. Compared to low frequency currents, they ensure enhanced muscle recruitment fibres stimulation and greater tolerability.

Below you can see the types of current and their applications, reported in a very simplified manner:. Electrotherapy is used for pain management, treatment and rehabilitation of muscles and nerves which lost their natural functioning due to diseases, infections or traumas.

The electrical current transports the medicine to the affected area, where it releases a specific active ingredient. Our whole body communicates constantly with our brain through transmission of electrical signals that control our muscles by means of the nerves. It can also stimulate areas of the limb that are unreachable to natural electrical signals such as a denervated muscle, for example and it can even restore the mobility of the limb by preventing atrophy and helping the muscle survive.


Corrientes rusas o de Kotz – YouTube

Only their purpose is different: This type of pulse generates an analgesic action and a motor exciting effect, restoring muscular strength in the treated area. It is particularly recommended to people with high degree of sensitivity who corfientes tolerate the classical TENS. The answer to this question is simple.

Electro-stimulation respects the physiological processes of our body because it intervenes from outside with the same signals that are naturally generated by our brain. Electrical stimulation can preserve muscle tone and prevent muscle atrophy during motor nerve regrowth period.

The special probes anal or vaginal allow for muscle tone and muscle strength recovery.