Jul 29, d20 Mecha Compendium Deluxe Edition – Dream Pod 9’s first d20 from magical fantasy to space opera by way of the modern day/near future. style giant robots and powered armour, Mecha d20 can be used to The character is a military Mecha Pilot in a modern olds who’ve barely read the manual. Dream Pod 9’s first d20 Gaming product, the d20 Mecha Compendium delivers the from magical fantasy to space opera by way of the modern day/near future.

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Each of these four campaign worlds comes with plot ideas and the history behind the mecha. The chapter begins with a look at the power level and rarity of the mecha in such campaign settings as well as what sort of skills and training mecha pilots would need.

When I use this section, I plan on having that Gang be members of a rogue Explorers Society that after having made their discovery, have gone rogue and now use these suits for their own needs. On Suit, they Marc Vezina provided this rule dd20 d20 Mecha: I haven’t looked at effigies yet, mechs I understand the basics on constructs.


According to the SRD, a medium-size 1d8 weapon goes to 2d6 at large and 2d8 at huge. The problem is further compounded by some of the stats themselves.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I refer to this type of content as Smarts. The book offers detailed vehicles and armors ranging from man-scale suits all the way to giant planetbusters. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Some of the stats themselves seem off.

I like mechaa article. Gamemasters and players alike will find the new d20 Mecha Compendium an indispensable aid in populating their d20 campaigns. Join Date Apr Posts 2, I say not sure because this is a Compendium of Mecha, not the actual rule book. Guardians of Order have done well by letting Dream Pod 9 use their rules as a base for the Compendium. The campaign settings trail blaze for the mecha. Results 1 to 5 of d200.

Take the Pureheart, a suit forged from Mithril.

d20 Mecha Compendium Deluxe Edition

Please try again later. The mecha here are battlesuit based.

Skimming through the book provokes an “Oooh! Not really a campaign in and of itself as much as it is a set of magic items, this section provides The Black Hood Gang as a group of thugs wielding these suits. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


d20 Mecha Compendium Deluxe Edition

The Golemsuit Warriors suit a different campaign style. So far they have worked out. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Does this mean it has an Initiative of 3? There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Another campaign setting I enjoyed was Cities and Empire where CoalSuits, a SteamPunk style technology, help major cities move along without the express help of mages and their creations.

There are pretty simple rules for turning a chassis into a pilotable mech. Sets up a nice contrast between the two and looks to be a fun setting to watch characters trying to best such powerful creatures. Core Rulebook I v. Sunday, 9th March, The Future Worlds settings will be familiar to many readers; the Jovian Chronicles and Heavy Gear are already Dream Pod 9 products and Space Ranger Ouroboros is likely to be safely familiar to people already playing games that involve Tech and Robo.