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This story is in a form of a dialogue between Maitreya and Vidura. One should never listen to lewd songs. Siva without Brahma and Visnu was not a common one sahasranamamm it may have been produced under the influence of Trimukha sahasranamma representing the triad.

The latter became his Guru. The sun is my seventh guru. Moreover, we have Anustubh about Dattatreya, describing him as an ocean of knowledge, a naked saint acting small child or Pisaca, a bestower of joy and Unmatta. The kind-hearted Anasuya showed her readiness to accompany them though adttatreya was quite aware of the powers of gods to do anything they desired.

The icon has three heads with Jata on all the three, while there are only two ears, common to all the three, showing thereby the unity of all the three.

The thesis “Dattatreya Worship in India” by Dr. That Guru who is the representative of the unchangeable, ever present, peaceful spirit, who is one pointed and beyond the realm of space and time, whose vision is always enchanting, I salute such a Guru.

He asked boon from the three gods who appeared before him wishing to be born as his sons. Visnu is crowned with elaborately jewelled three-peaked tiara.

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Maya Jatha mathrena Sammohithena, Graheetham kadachina nama Datha, Ksmaswaparadham, Ksmaswaparadham, Kshamaswaparad- ham, prabho klinna chitha. To give is verily a Guru and to receive silently is verily a student.

With its bright rays, the sun draws water from everything, transforms it into clouds, and then distributes it as rain without favor. He had no son and so he went to Citrakuta to propitiate the son of Atri. The hands on the left have Cakra, Sankha and Vyakhyana Mudra while the two right ones hold Kamandalu and phallus and the last one has Varada pose. My salutations to Dathathreya, Saahasranamam stamp is the knowledge of ultimate, Who wears the sky and earth as his cloths, And who is the three states of sahaxranamam, Sleep and dream.


Now as regards the question of idolatry Sahasramamam Khare 95 opines that it sahasranamqm current about B. It should have three eyes and four arms. They, thus, represent the four Vedas, usually represented in the form of four dogs round the icon of Dattatreya. The attire consists of a Dhoti and a wrapper which leave the right shoulder free.

Dattatreya Sahasranamam-English

Kramrisch, Stella Dattatrdya, M. It is not always the case that Brahma is regarded as creator, Visnu as preserver and Siva sahasranamzm Mahesvara as the destroyer. Gupta, when the worship of Narasinha and Varaha incarnations of Visnu became very popular. Close to the neck is also a Hara composed of a snake. Yatishvarananda Niranjan Raghunath Palekar, V. Agrawala notices three such figures of Mathura Art. In this respect it differs from the Varna Marga, which later on deviated from its original track.

The front face is of the terrific aspect and the two side ones are pacific.

But he is commonly known as Pingala. It has already been shown that Dattatreya utilised a woman as a means either to avoid people or to test devotees.

Coussens and Burgess consider two possibilities here. It thus presents some difficulty for identification. Hindu iconography has its own peculiarities. There is only heaven.

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The BhaP speaks of him as the sixth incarnation of Visnu. Thus we find that in time of AgP he was raised to the status of a god to be worshipped by the people. Thus, we see a definite effort towards repproache- ment in the icons such as of Hari-Hara-Pitamaha, Hari-Hara and so on, after having experienced the bitterness expressed by icons of Ekapada, where prominence is given 94 Dr.


It gives a picturesque view as it were of the following story. His sermon on the illustration of dattatreua bangles of a girl Kumarika Kankana. Sidhanta after comparing the Vedic triad with the later triad of gods notes 52 that these gods Brahma, Visnu and Mahesa are regarded as supreme in the didactic and avowedly unheroic parts of the datttareya and the most elaborate passages about them come mainly in the 12th and the 13th books of the epic.

Sandili agreed to consider the problem favourably but was worried for her life without her husband.

The Wind SB I offer my humble salutations to such a Guru who possesses all these qualities. The upper two hands hold a full-blown lotus and a conch, and the lower two are placed upon the heads of two chaurie-bearers, the right hand one of whom is a female and that on the left, a male.

This synthetic outlook has its highest peak in the popular verse 77 where all kinds of knowledge and sects are attributed to one source. Regarding its date Dr. The deity is standing with two of his four hands resting on the heads of a pair of miniature chowrie-carriers.

We now come to Trimurti icons which either happen to be the main god at one time in a temple or some such as carved in the centre of it. Sahasraanmam always was anxious to make him happy. In all these temples we get two Lingas in two shrines while in the third Visnu image, the two Lingas representing those of Brahma and Siva.