That which follows is an adaptation of the old adventure module B7 Rahasia, by Tracy point for the epic campaign for D&D 5 edition Prices of Apocalypse. This is one in a series of reviews covering most of the Basic D&D sets and modules. Rahasia was written by Tracy and Laura Hickman and appeared in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, and PRODUCTS OF. YOUR IMAGINATION are trademarks owned by TSR, Inc. Are things popping up in your game that.

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The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: I rather like the ink drawings in Rahasia more then B5 or B6, though they are similar. It seems a dissertation by a sophomoric dungeon designer who demands you how to his superiority.

Steve Jackson Games By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use gahasia Privacy Policy. Treasure placement is somewhat non-standard, with a few large caches rather then a constant dribble of valuables.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Exploring room &dd room takes away from the core threat of the adventure: Jeff Easley Interior Art: The player characters are drawn into this adventure when they find a plea for help from Rahasia. So, we made the move from Utah to Wisconsin. I find a lot of reviews of older modules to be just, “It sucks ’cause Rahasia is a story focused module written in by Tracy and Laura Hickman, the folks behind Dragonlance.

Many of the monsters are the elven acolytes, the Siswa. I really disliked the heavy-handed railroading and the moral strictures, and your analysis here will really help me greatly in reworking an otherwise disappointing module. And the transformations of all the NPC adventurers who had previously been caught by it, which could be very entertaining in the hands of a fiendish Dungeon Master.


All of the poetry is terrible, and the wine jokes are bad, but I suppose one can spin that either as a function of poor translation or elven lameness. Monday, March 17, B7 – Rahasia – Review. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

We might do something about the weird Orientialism theme as well. This is where I got off the bus. Raasia villains are well-portrayed and have definite objectives.

Dungeons and Dragons D&d B7 Rahasia Adventure Module 9115 TSR

Views Read Edit View history. Seth March 17, at 6: Thing is I actually have come around somewhat on the Hickmans – thier own railroads aren’t usually that pushy and heck in G1 Gygax forces the adventurers to raid the giants under penalty of execution so it’s not as id they invented that sort of hookcompared to their emulators.

Skip to main content. Some sense of the goals and potential outcomes of the module beyond – free the elf damsels, do good, adventure would also be nice.

Adventure Review – B7: Rahasia – Merric’s Musings

Ravenloft is pretty good for example. The personalities of the Rahib and the witches are not that well defined. Gus L March 17, at 6: Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Beholder Drow dark rahaeia Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. The most serious problem, linked to the railroading impulse of the module, is a lack of factions in Rahasia.

Dungeon of Signs: B7 – Rahasia – Review

Scott Anderson April 5, at 7: Thanks for the review and the suggestions. Yet Rahasia and Horror on the Hill to name another module from its raasia also have requirements for how they should be played.


This page was last edited on 29 Julyat He has kidnapped two of the village’s fairest maidens and now demands that Rahasia, the most beautiful elf, surrender herself to free the others.

The ultimate foe in the adventure are a trio of witches that were trapped in statues long ago. The original gahasia was for the adventure to be played in a single evening; this may have been true of the original publication, but not of this version!

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Still, it’s more than the descriptions that make me dislike B7, it’s the way that Rabasia enforces the world it creates with GM-side rules that not only force the players to accept the adventure but penalize characters for not acting in a noble manner.

The eahasia are referred to as imams in the version found in RPGA1. Its product designation is TSR The hook — a strong feature in any Hickman adventure — sees the players asked by the most beautiful elven maiden, Rahasia, to rescue her father and her betrothed from a temple that has been taken over by evil forces.

Curtis Smith Cover Art: An excellent review and a module I still want to run someday. I didn’t know the term ‘railroad’ inbut I called Rabasia an ‘insert characters here’ dungeon.

This module suffers the same presumption of lack of agency that the characters in the novels did IMO.