The Convoluted Universe: Book One is written by Dolores Cannon and was released back in It is the first volume in a set of four books. The Paperback of the The Convoluted Universe Book One by Dolores Cannon at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe: Book Five and Beyond There is still an array of Convoluted Universe information from past sessions that has yet to be .

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She calls herself doloers regressionist and a psychic researcher who records “lost” knowledge. Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc. The stories of others can only nudge us into awakening and finding our own truth for ourselves. Again absolute truth in my opinion can only be experienced personally, and even then it is applicable only to the person experiencing it and infinitely dynamic, subject to change as the person evolves.

Evolving Beings

The ideas, possibilities and concepts they present can literally be mind bending for many! Dolores Cannon presented thf work as a straight transcribe of conversations she has had with various people and the beings she’s contacted through deep regressive hypnosis. Jan 10, Lauraley Dilgard rated it it was amazing. Some parts were funny, some parts were serious, but all were incredibly fascinating. I think after roughly four years of starting this book.

Convoluted Universe Archives – Dolores Cannon

It is only one truth, one possibility or potential. Still continued to read her book.

However, if we understand the nature of the mind and soul a little deeper, we come to understand that reality is indeed in the eye of the beholder. You just have to be open-minded.

I actually had all 4 copies …more Namby, i would be sincerely eternally grateful if you could send me a copy of all 4 The Convoluted Universe also please.


I would definitely read this book. This is the first book I read by this author and you Absolutely amazing dolpres Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of During the past eighteen years Dolores has been a UFO investigator, using her skills as a regressionist to help people that been involved in abduction cases.

Where ‘The Law of One’ series in my opinion failed as too hard to understand both in the vocabulary used and in the information itself’The Convoluted Universe’ really hit the spot for me! His revelations and their impact on our own time are both fascinating and at times frightening.

Convoluted Universe: Book One

Facebook icon Share on Facebook. Jul 22, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. Dolores is an internationally oe author, speaker, investigator and hypnotherapist. There are an infinite number of these and they’re always intersecting. Each cell of our body, each cell and molecule of everything. I can convoltued why I was drawn to read doloees book now. I was fascinated finding different and very plausible takes on how the pyramids were really built and for what reason, the mystery of Easter Island, the explanation of Atlantis, the illusion of time, the beings of other places, the characteristics of other planets and dimensions, group souls and Energy beings, quantum physics, and other The value thd content of the material presented was like eating the proverbial forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge and I truly enjoyed every last morsel!

I’m on book three now. She shares her internal dialogue as she comes to terms with the strange situations and areas of the unknown her clients find themselves in. Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet Nostradamus.

If we examine the information presented from a more critical angle, of course lots can be argued about as to its validity. Speculations put forth under the lie of ‘truth’. Book One is written by Dolores Cannon and was released back in We are only cnanon to focus on the splinter we perceive as our totality.


Feb 10, Logan Univegse rated it it was amazing. This book is intended for those jniverse who want their minds expanded by the more complicated Metaphysical ideas that border on “Quantum Physics”. Incredible insight into the Universe, past and present. This series contains the translation of almost prophecies, all interpreted for the first time and have been in print since Pinterest icon Share on Pinterest. It is considered the most accurate interpretation of the prophecies ever printed.

Convoluted Universe: Book One : Dolores Cannon :

His revelations and their impact on our own time are both fascinating and at times frightening. It goes even further than before, to such an extent that many of the regressed There were moments where I had a higher-level of consciousness moment and the world felt SO big.

Through her books, Cannon brings us along with her as she regresses her clients back to past lives and beyond.

It could change your life. Basically cinvoluted is the ultimate case of Reality being stranger than fiction. The section on parallel universes was particularity intellectually challenging. Another great book by Dolores Cannon a hypnotherapist who regresses her clients to prior lives. Book 1 Volume 1 of The Convoluted Universe: Other books in the series.