This post explains you about the DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) to understand What is DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block. Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) mirrors block devices between multiple hosts. The replication is transparent to other applications on the host. This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to install Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) on CentOS Linux.

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These are broken down into the following tests: Detecting if MySQLdump was running. It simply depends on the size of the block storage, and the speed of the internal network connecting the 2 servers. Always remember the process. To make the modules be loaded during each boot, systemd-modules-load service is used. Skip to content Home All Posts. Before we start, we need to update the system and install the required packages for the DRBD dependencies.

First we need to install DRBD packages which is used to create a virtual disk drbd0. Once howtto, we need to initialize the partition on both servers. After restarting the source node with stable shipped kernel, the sync process started immediatly.

HowTos/Ha-Drbd – CentOS Wiki

You have successfully implememted DRBD at your system. Requirements There are a few requirements that need to be met for DRBD howtl function properly and securely: To do that, we will create a respond dfbd as below and copy over to OEL so that both servers have same configuration. It may be easier to install the linux-server package inside the virtual machine. You can check the status by:. Or just shutdown drbd01 primaryand then log into drbd02 secondaryand promote it to master:.


How to install and setup DRBD on CentOS

If you are using the virtual kernel as part of a virtual machine you will need to manually compile the drbd module. That’s all, now we will create a new disk partition to act as DRDB disk. Now on the secondary server promote it to the primary role:.

Testing primary node failure Test 4: On this page 1. This setup is of course not suitable gowto production, the use of loop devices it is not recommended due to deadlock issues. This is done by: Here we follow the installation by adding epel repository since drbd packages are not available at centos distributions. At node2 at instance secondary nodemake it primary node, and mount to required location. You can check the dgbd with:. Do you already have an account?

This can be done only on one of the nodes. Can I use it for database i.


So, create a file called drbd. An example is posted below: You can check the status with: Now using the drbdadm utility initialize the meta data storage. Powered by Social Snap. From a terminal enter: Demote the primary server to the secondary role:.

Setting Up Network RAID1 With DRBD On Debian Squeeze

Those systems are defined as Primary node and Secondary node can switch Primary and Secndary nodes. The material in this document is available under a free license, see Legal for details. This tutorial explains how to install and setup DRBD for your server. More information can be found at http: The hostname needed identical to the node name! DrBd last modified Private network between the servers 4.

To see what happens when the secondary server goes offline: We must identify the drbd versions supported by our kernel.