Salam Alaikum. Can any one help me with the transliteration of urdu tarjuma of dua e kumayl. We guys dont knoe how to read urdu so we want. Wilayat Mission features the english translation of Dua Kumail. Printer friendly PDF includes Arabic and transliteration. Click to download your. Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the.

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I have wronged myself, And I have been audacious in my ignorance And I have depended upon Your ancient remembrance of me and Your favour toward me.

The Supplication of Kumayl. Whether You wilt give the Fire dominion over faces fallen down prostrate before Your Tremendousness. I look earnestly towards Thee and towards Thee, my Lord! I beg Thee as one who is passing through extreme privation and who supplicates his needs to Thee and his hope has been greatly raised by that which is with Thee. My Lord, have mercy upon the weakness of my body, the thinness of my skin and the frailty of my bones.

O Thou who existed before the foremost! Is he who has been believer like unto him who has been ungodly?

Complete text of Du’a’ Kumayl in Arabic with Trasliteration and English Translation

And how can the guards of hell threaten him when he calls out to Thee? Thou hast therefore a just cause against me in all those matters and I have no plea against Thy judgement passed against me I have therefore become justifiably liable to Thy judgement and afflictions. And by Your Names, which have filled the foundations of all things. Ali then advised Kumayl ibn Ziyad to recite this du’a on the eve of i.

And over tongues voicing sincerely the profession of Your Unity and giving thanks to You in praise. Whosoever intendeth evil against me, let ill befall on him and frustrate him who plots against me and assign for me a place in Thy presence with the best of Thy bondsmen and nearer abode to Thee, for verily that position cannot be attained except through Thy grace and treat me benevolently, and through Thy greatness extend.

And I have depended upon Your ancient remembrance of me and Your favour toward me. Glory be to You, and Thine is the praise! Forgive him who owns nothing but supplication For You dost what You wilt. So I declare with certainty that were it not for what You hast decreed concerning the chastisement of Your deniers. Or how should the Fire cause him pain while he expects Your bounty and mercy?


You put into effect through me a decree in which I followed the tdansliteration of my own soul. By ShiaMan1430 minutes ago in Off-Topic. Environmental conditions and how to pray, adab, have been suggested to Muslims praying intimately with God through Du’a. How many burdensome tribulations You hast abolished! My God and my Lord!

Posted September 17, Salam Alaikum Can any one help transliterqtion with the transliteration of urdu tarjuma of dua e kumayl. And over minds encompassing knowledge of You until they have become humble. A du’a may address God in any circumstance to which one may be afflicted. Ali asked Kumayl to sit down, record and memorise the du’a which he dictated to Kumayl.

Dua-e-Kumayl with English Translation – دُعَاء كُميل

For the pain and severity of chastisement? Canst You see Yourself tormenting me with Your fire after I have professed Your Unity And after the knowledge of You my heart has embraced, And the remembrance of You my tongue has constantly mentioned And the love of You to which my mind has clung, And after the sincerity of my confession and my supplication, humble before Your lordship? The Du’a is not an exclusively Shi’a dua, however, as none of its content is controversial among Shi’a and Sunni schools of thought.

For I am Your weak, lowly, base, wretched and miserable slave. And not to hasten me to punishment for what I have done in private:. So that I may lead myself towards Thee in the field with the vanguards who are in the fore rank and be swift towards Thee among those who hasten towards Thee and urge eagerly to be near Thee and draw myself towards Thee like them who sincerely draw themselves towards Thee and to fear Thee like the fear of those who believe firmly in Thee and thus I may join the congregation of the faithful congregated near Thee for protection.

Selections from Mafatih Al-Jinan: My God and my Lord! And Thou, exalted be Thy praises, hadst made manifest, out of Thy generosity and kindness, that a believer is not like unto him who is an evil-liver.


English Translation of Dua Kumail

For it is a tribulation whose period is long, whose station endures and whose sufferers are given no respite, Since it only occurs as a result of Your wrath, Your vengeance and Your anger, And these cannot be withstood by the heavens and the earth.

Bestow upon me for the sake of Your having given rise [to me] with generosity and Your previous goodness to me! Bless Mohammed and the Descendants of Mohammed and do unto me in accordance with that which befitteth Thee.

When the assembly at the Mosque had dispersed, Kumayl called at the house where Ali was staying, and requested him to acquaint him with Prophet Khidhr’s supplication. Who perfecteth all bounties and Who transliteragion off all misfortunes! Muslims practice salat, a fixed vocal prayer, regularly for the five prayers of the day.

O Knower who was never taught! Which Thou in Thy mercy hast kept secret and through Thy kindness unexposed and Transliterxtion pray to Thee to make my share plentiful in all the good that Thou dost bestow; in all the favours that Kumayo dost grant; and in all the virtues that Thou dost allow to be known everywhere; and in all the sustenance and livelihood that Thou dost expand and in respect of all the sins that Thou dost forgive and the wrongs that Thou dost cover up O’ Lord!

Strengthen my limbs for Thy service and sustain the strength of my hands to persevere in Thy service and bestow upon me the eagerness to fear Thee and transliteeation to serve Thee. The interpretation of one’s personal interaction with God through du’a presents several differences. You are more generous than that You should squander him whom You have nurtured. Who illuminateth those who are in bewilderment! Forgive my such sins as would suppress hope.

My God and my Protector! So I declare with certainty that were it not for what You have decreed concerning the chastisement of Your tranzliteration.

Or how should its flames burn him, while You hear his voice and see his place?