Published in , Eles eram muitos cavalos by Luiz Ruffato has been crit- ically acclaimed Nacional and been selected as best novel by the Associação Paulista de Críti- cos de Arte in Romance Notes (): This content. University of Texas at Austin. Itamar Harrison, Marguerite, org. Uma cidade em camadas: Ensaios sobre o romance Eles eram muitos cavalos de Luiz Ruffato. Editado pela primeira vez na Editora Record, o romance de Luiz Ruffato Eles Eram Muitos Cavalos já foi publicado na França, Itália, Portugal e recebeu os.

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Annina rated it it was ok Nov 26, But it has history and conflict. As a critical space used to make sense of discourses and experiences of globalization, Eles eram muitos cavalos, I argue, presents new perspectives on the problems and pos- sibilities prompted by globalization.

The global city concept is derivative of that larger framework and speaks to the notion of globalization as fable. The book has been much praised, so perhaps the fault is mine, but essentially I found it unreadable. Luiz Ruffato uses a wide variety of techniques to make each little often just a page or two story unique. The essays, all written in Portuguese, range from under three to almost thirty pages. It does so by stressing the significance of oral discourse and by attenuating the reliance on written words while making use of silences, breaks, and interruptions to con- vey the corporeal experience of reading the text.

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. I wanted to like this book. The book is set in Sao Paulo, and geez oh man does this book make Sao Paulo seem like a terribly depressing, violent, poor, and angry place. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


The narrative does not have the traditional parts of the plot.

Carol Warcha rated it it was ok Aug 14, Tarasova rated it it was ok Mar 01, She is the link between chapters. The variety of literary techniques is reason enough to read this piece. luuz

Eles Eram Muitos Cavalos by Luiz Ruffato (2 star ratings)

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. After all, the idea of a global city implies the presence of global citizens and the characters in Entry 34 show that they have not yet achieved a condition of being citizens, much less of being global. First, as a fable, it is presented to us as a fantastic story of a net- work of an economic-productive-technological future; second, as perversity, where it has intensified a worldwide situation of unequal concentration of wealth; and third, as a possibility of emergence of alternative ways of inter- acting with the world.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Return to Book Page. Itamar Harrison, Marguerite, org. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Eles eram muitos cavalos. Cities in a World Economy.

Log In Sign Up. Not for me Got this as a freebie on amazon. It was not until page 24 that any of the bits began to even look like a short story.

Published by Record first published These cities, according to Sassen, are the spaces where cru- cial political decisions are made and serve as the organizing centers of global power in the geography of globalization. The multiple points of entry not only mark the multiplicity and heterogeneity of the space of the city, but also reveal holes and limits in a global city model whose essential property is that of presupposing a totalizing conception of cities that should adopt a formulaic character of universal applicability.

Books by Luiz Ruffato. Hence, the continuous shift in narrative voice and perspective announces various experiences that travel across class, gender, and race, ulti- mately unfolding a conjuncture of extreme social inequality. Therefore, in framing my reading of Eles eram muitos cavalos as a narrative in contention with main discourses of globalization, I am mainly arguing that the particular formulation of the text challenges the model of the global city as an organizing principle, while critiquing the notion of global- ization in its perverse sense.


Isabela B rated it it was ok Jul 09, Honestly, I just don’t understand the value of writing in run-on sentences, without punctuation or capitalization, and without any real indication of where the voices change. I try to reserve 1-star ratings for books I dislike so much that I can’t even finish them.

Might be a story in there amongst the babble, but I wasn’t going to waste my time trying to find out. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. It is written by a rising Brazilian author, and I usually enjoy reading the work of new authors from other countries. Lived — or representational — space, as defined by Lefebvre represents actual experiences of space cavaoos everyday life; it is the space of inhabitants and users: Paula rated it it was ok Mar 11, The lack of structure apparently reflects the impossibility of reproducing the complexity of the city, and is an homage to its dynamic and diversity.

Eles Eram Muitos Cavalos

The description makes it romancee like it is just a description of the city without any actual story. Caio Massari rated it it was ok Jan 10, This is achieved by giving the reader access to different ways the city is lived. Uma cidade em camadas: Daniel rated it it was ok Jun 26, Very worth the experience.