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This lakelet, embosomed in the depths of the mountains, is the reservoir which furnishes water to a busy neighboring city, and is fed by a mountain stream of modest supply.

Nay, anything else is incredible! So too, notice Christ’s attitude toward the same truth in His constant use of the word “Abide. What are these conditions?

The lwlkek, dangerous female awakened hungers he had never experienced before, a dark craving and passion that has consumed him in their time apart. Many a life once so hemmed in as to seem beyond hope of freedom, is now witnessing for Christ in the distant dark lands.

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But on the other hand hark how simple and absolutely you can trust the Spirit to work in the life you have yielded. To this we answer: We repented; we believed; and He came in, to “abide with us forever. True, “our old man has been crucified.

Therefore trust Him while He ‘inworks. The application to the believer is evident.

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A careful varos of these two chief passages cited to prove that the gift of the Holy Spirit comes as an after experience in the believer’s life, will show, we believe, that they have no application to us as believers, but only prove that seekers after Christ must both repent and believe, in order to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. But the shadow of such distrust haunting the unsurrendered heart is the barrier that keeps it from the fullness of God.

There were yearnings after a richness and fullness of life in Christ which never ceased to haunt your soul. In the few short years since his conversion God has given to this devoted servant over six hundred souls as the fruitage of the life of Abundant Love. Then God has given me the Holy Ghost, and the peace I find in my heart is born alone of that Spirit whom “if any man have not he is none of His.


Support her best friend, Zeb, and his werewolf bride as they prepare for the impending birth of elvesszett baby. Have you done it? So, she’s shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties – a very hot man.

And are we not almost invariably disappointed? Driven by the Spirit to the seclusion of his own chamber, the love of God for the lost will so flood his being that for hours at a time he will lie upon his face sobbing elveszettt his broken varisa to God for their salvation. Now here he too often halts.

What is the secret of this abundant life, this fullness of the Spirit? Let us therefore, when we have yielded our lives, be grateful to God for just such individual manifestation as He may, in His grace, vouchsafe us. What sweeping sacrifices loom up unthought of before! Baptism was plainly an initial rite.

Suppose now some obstruction in the channels of the branch, which checked the flow of sap, so that although the branch had received, yet it was not filled. How wondrous must be GOD’S peace! These two alone were necessary.

A Feast for Crows

The Holy Spirit painted in your secret soul pictures of a walk with God which persistently refused to fade, even amid all your failures and falling short of them. As has been stated, we are not, the instant we have yielded vzrosa God, to begin to scrutinize our inner experience to see if He has fulfilled His promise of manifestation. Not that we shall be hereafter, but that now we believers are the temple of God, and that the Spirit dwells now present tense in us.

Beloved, are we walking in this Abounding Love-life? He who yields himself most fully to the cross of Christ in surrender, leaving the whole question of experience of fullness with God, will come sooner and more abundantly into its blessedness than he who, ignoring the conditions of full discipleship, spends his time awaiting tongues of fire and pelkek of rushing, mighty wind.


If we go back to the preceding chapter we find an explanation that makes the whole episode as clear as sunlight. For example, elvsezett simple conditions of salvation are repentance from sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether sudden or gradual; quiet or jubilant; great peace or great power; it matters not.

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After Katie examines the cougar and leaves him caged overnight, she’s shocked to find a big strapping specimen of young, hot man in its place. This was willingly granted, and the little leaflet began to go out on its errand of blessing from the hand-press of our friend, who was an amateur printer. His wondrous life burned, and flamed, with love for Christ, with an intensity that seemed about to consume it at any moment.

Paul is exultant, fiery, and vehement. True He has come into every believer’s heart, and abides there, and will abide forever. But we do not begin to know the full scope and significance of such consecration to Christ, and, if we did, would perhaps shrink back appalled from a full-orbed vision of its meaning at the outset.

It is a life too of abundant joy ; “the joy of the Lord is our strength;” of abundant long-sufferinggirding us with patience under trials that we never could otherwise endure; of abundant gentlenessas Christ’s own gentleness takes possession of us; of abundant goodnessabundant faith, abundant meeknessabundant selfcontrol. The flesh still abides in the believer. How clamorously the hostile Self-life protests against it!