Tecnologia negli Ascensori e Scale mobili. Home · About · Emendamento A · ENERGY EFFICIENT ELEVATORS. Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. 19 Il consumo di elettricità degli ascensori in Europa e in Italia. Uploaded by. ascensorim. Emendamento A Uploaded by. ascensorim.

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Rassegna Stampa – Wittur – Ascensori, Elevatori, Cabine e Componenti -Safety in motion

Output to can manage doors are AP relay and AP2 transistor… please use it with relay. Quando il segnale di ingresso POM viene attivato si avranno le seguenti condizioni di funzionamento: It is possible to have these configurations: Not powered during the travel 1: For semiautomatic lift use this PAP like landing door lock.

This is why many building designs, although impressive, are not innovative as far as building transportation is concerned. Wittur joins forces with Sematic. Serial in cabin EP: Like showed in Figure, green arrow shows the distance in low speed starting in UP direction form ICV of 1 floor unitl 2nd floor.


In relation to the Brazilian operation, as a celebration of the 20 years of presence in the country, the great change was the inauguration of the new plant, in the city of Londrina PRalso in Make the same to next floors Es: During this time is checked the correct rotation of encoder.

Manuale BR100_ENG

D11 Emergency cycle time 1 — 20 sec. Closing limit not works.

Input is settable on parameter D AP2 It handles door opening of second emndamento door operator. High Activity on A1 2: Una questione di gusto. When this function is disabled it is possible to set another floor and another time; flor is settable in parameter C editing the floor number and then ENTER; after this you can set time before activate this function Number of floor to manage further actual floor in multiplex A9 Master Number of Reservations 1 — Continuando a navigare nel sito, l’utente accetta la ascemsori politica sulla privacy.

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SCP Cabin at floor. This is why Wittur Group provides you with multiple choices as far as modernization is concerned.

This is the second plant in Wittur Latin America – the other is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has an area of approximately square meters.


Advised Battery is 12V 7Ah.

Err 58 Error LOW speed contactor error. Newsletter Vel fugit quibusdam quidem animi deserunt aspernatur ab, minus placeat quaerat voluptatem!

La manovra antincendio, secondo la Normativa EN Luglio parte 72, si suddivide in due fasi: Each input is protected by a surge of 40Vdc 5 BR V1.

If too high reduce parameter N8. GONG Activated during low speed change. Reservations will be execute in according to the direction of cabin. Door closing control is activated only if ALT signal is active.

Last 2 values are very important and it is necessary to set it in according to traffic and number of stops. Check closing time par B is enough: Since April 1, we acquired Sematic officially. The company is a world leader in the supply of components, systems and modules for elevators.

Disabled Call Out Clear 1: