Gina Kolata. · Rating details · 5, ratings · reviews. In the Great Flu Epidemic killed an estimated 40 million people virtually overnight. If such a. Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of and the Search for the Virus That Caused It By Gina Kolata. New York: Farrar, Straus. It is sometimes called the “Spanish” flu, probably because neutral Spain did not censor The epidemic per se is not the main subject of Gina Kolata’s interesting .

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Was it a mutation in an ordinary human flu virus that caused a transformation into a global killer? The swine influenza virus, a descendant of the virus, did infect kolwta at Fort Dix, which represents considerable person-to-person transmission. Kolata clearly Get sick, Get well, Hang around the inkwell.

In writing this book, Gina Kolata also sheds light on clu pandemic that is hardly mentioned in the history books to inform us about this major pandemic that occurred. While Hultin quietly collected his specimens in Alaska, a high profile team organized by a young, energetic Canadian geographer, Kirsty Duncan, selected Spitsbergen, Norway, for specimen collection.

Outstanding book with lots of scientific info. On the policy side, Kolata describes the epidemic of bogus lawsuits that arose from the swine flu scare, but she neglects to follow through with information about the indemnification laws and the excessive industry consolidation that followed.

The book was published inbut it reads like it was written just a few weeks ago. As of the date of publication,there were tantalizing bits of the mystery that were being slowly revealed through a myriad of scientific investigative techniques made possible by advances in technologies, but the major questions had still not been answered. Why was it so deadly? And our ability to avoid a future pandemic depends on our increasing our understanding fairly quickly. If you are interested in science, medicine, or history this could be a book for you.

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Flu: The Story Of The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus that Caused It

Right now, I’m thoroughly enjoying this read by NYT reporter Gina Kolata – it does seem odd that with the impact of the flu we haven’t heard more about it or how it changed American life as we know it. Reply to Wasko et al. Kolata clearly communicates the uncertainties in current understanding of how the flu virus evolves and flue epidemics spread.


I also have a better understanding of why nearly? I highly recommend this book for any history buff, or even anyone interested gaining in depth perspective on what’s happening with the H1N1 virus outbreak happening right now. The media in was strangely silent, and the victims’ families and public health guna seemed almost embarrassed to talk about it, a scenario similar to the ss early reaction on AIDS.

Normally just one-tenth of 1 percent of people who get the flu die. Swine, being a close genetic relative to humans, not that surprising can incubate a bird flu and pass it ko,ata humans.

Pass this book up and go straight to “America’s Forgotten Pandemic”. Gina does a great gkna in putting the potentially boring scientific details into a story that is both informative and entertaining. The press was favorable in the beginning of the program, but papers like the New York Post started to turn the tide towards government conspiracy theories.

And worst of all for me, extremely repetitive and long-winded. Which, let’s face it, is what’s really interesting. I found kolaa portrayal of the scientists interesting, enough of each ones back story to make me appreciate them and cheer for their success. Aug 04, Shannon rated it really liked it.

Flu Great Influenza Pandemic, Jan 19 | Video |

I would also recommend gona to those who are interested in microorganisms and bio-medicine. The thought was that bodies buried in the permafrost, even decades ago, would deteriorate very, very slowly allowing for the possibility that soft tissue from the lungs of those corpses would still exist, samples of which could be taken and tested, using new technologies that, hopefully, would reveal the virus that caused the flu.

Imagine all of a sudden having a common illness sweep through your community and kill young healthy people so fast that you don’t even have time to bury them right. I agree to the terms and conditions.

If ,olata a plague came today, killing a similar fraction of the U. I would lik I love gima good disease book. The bulk of this book was the scientists who hunted for it and finally found it. Latest Most Giina Most Cited Sequelae of congenital cytomegalovirus cCMV following maternal primary infection are limited to those acquired in the first trimester of pregnancy. Unfortunately only the first chapter is about and kllata rest is about the scientists who are trying to isolate the flu virus.

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I did not read the chapter or two on the flu, with its political ramifications. Hospital-onset neonatal sepsis and mortality in low resource settings — will bundles save the day? The death toll was so high that in the United States the average life expectancy dropped by 12 years.

Please check for further notifications by email. Although there is kplata little more scientific discussion than is probably necessary for the average lay-reader, don’t be scared off! I gained an understanding of why some in the medical community were so worried about avian flu. A good book on the deadly, ill named, spanish flu because today nobody knows where exactly this pandemia begun.


I recommend this book to those who enjoy medical history and reading about diseases. Also conspicuously absent is clear advice about how to minimize the risks of influenza. By the end the amazing precautions another group wants to take when trying to do the same thing seem downright silly.

This was a burial site for Norwegian miners who died of influenza in During the course of this investigation they also found paraffin preserved lung tissue from victims of the flu stored at the National Tissue Repository bina by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. I liked that the book compared the epidemic and the search for the virus to other disease and epidemics. So there is this very unfortunate pig who becomes infected with a human virus and a bird virus at the same time.

She lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with h Kolata graduated from the University of Maryland kolatx studied molecular biology kolqta the graduate level at MIT for a year and a half. Birds cannot pass flu to humans, but they can pass it to swine. It started off very interesting but then just got too bogged down. The appearance of Legionnaires’ disease in Philadelphia pushed the US Congress to overcome their hesitancy to yina financial liability for adverse effects of the vaccine.