Here is a Phasing Rundown put forth by AP author, John Magnus: Pre-Rundown. 1. Take a few deep breaths to realx your body and mind. Think to yourself. View the profiles of people named Frank Kepple. Join Facebook to connect with Frank Kepple and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. One of those I was lucky to meet in person was Frank Kepple. Frank has been a legend in his own life time – certainly on Astral Pulse and had.

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What follows is an account of my very first retrieval, just to give you an idea of what they are like: This is the act of becoming fixated within.

Frank Kepple Archives – Unlimited Boundaries

It’s all part of the fun! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You are you; it’s just that you have focused your attention from your F4 perspective to a narrow F1 perspective for the purpose of experiencing the physical world.

Hence the reason why people mistakenly assume the other person was them at some stage. So, jepple, if I had come across Focus 4 before Frahk and Harath my guides had given me a detailed briefing of what to expect, then even I could well have mistaken my interactions as some kind of communication with divine being s.


Frank Kepple on the Ghost Box

Now, my previous foreground physical is my background, and my previous background non-physical is my foreground. Focus 3 franj also known as the Transition Area, for reasons which will be explained in due course.

Very funny, Harath, ha-ha-ha. As I have said, there are many, farnk people resident within Focus 4. Couldn’t you have found some damsel in distress we could rescue? But let’s just concentrate on the structure of our particular system and get people projecting properly with that first. Loading… Create a Virtual Cemetery. Engage the concept of Infinity. These are presented as discussions with Frank on the pure note that that was how the entity described themselves.

Yeah, I’m up for it, but I’m keplle sure where I fit in. That’s quite a party trick you have there.

LoL heard by the person doing the session. I really have no way of knowing at this stage.

Your home address remains the same. Invoking the analytical mind might bring you back to your body, since it will get dreadfully confused. But I am resisting this temptation entirely in favour of following a strictly scientific approach. But, give yourself whatever time you feel is necessary.

Posted on July 16, The part I liked best from this post is this: Gandalf one of the users on Astral Pulse from Edinburgh has been one of the long term mods on Astral Pulse and had compiled some of Frank’s illuminating observations and tips on all matters Astral or OOBE his preference as in Monroe’s view stance.

  B133XW03 V 0 PDF

Continue visualizing walking around in the meadow. Each of these reflect the uniqueness of the explorer — his beliefs and interpretations. It is my current challenge, you could say.


People have the idea that “the Astral” is a weird and magical place where you get all manner of Alice in Wonderland effects such as your thoughts coming to life. Here he speaks about the loops that one can get into. He graduated in Electronics and worked as a Science Consultant in industry for many years before taking early retirement in the South of France so as to more fully concentrate on his research.

The reasoning mind is quick to assume, and incorrectly so, that you are in danger of being physically harmed when you are released from kpple body. But the people that we encounter within us, in this particular respect, are NOT us. I say main-realm because, technically, the focus 21state is the first realm where thought has this effect. I just finished editing version three of my free Book!