Style 98 is manufactured from high purity (95%+ carbon assay) premium carbon staple yarn. Individual yarns are single-end coated and single-end dried prior to. Garlock-TUF简本 – Garlock Seals and Sealing Systems Garlock Sealing Style FEP and Style Valve stem packings for high. for steam service, Garlock developed Style ST The inorganic PH. Valve Stem Packing Style is a Steam with high temperature/pressure.

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Mixers and agitators in virtually all industry. A graphite packing styoe from high purity expanded flexible graphite for maximum sealability and integrity. Use this offer and contact Garlock before your decision. Garlock develops and manufactures its own synthetic yarns and continues to research the application of new fiber technology.

Compression Packing

For correct installation and bolting pattern consult page 9. Complete results are available upon request.

Customized gaskets or gaskets to any size and standard can be supplied. As inorganic fibers do not oxidize IFG and ST provides greater thermal and dimensional stability during process cycling. Not suitable for pressure applications. Pacific Rim Operations, Singapore Technical details subject to change without notice. Pressure range up to bar, available also for extrem system pressure?

Style combines the abrasive resistance and thermal stability of fiber infused PTFE-yarns with the flexibility of synthetic yarns. The international presence of Garlock Sealing Technologies and its sales partners guarantees the global availability of the products and technical support.


The multiplication of the max. For your security and safety the recommended pressure is much lower than the test result shown in fig.

The GYLON gasketing did not show any sign of fracture or failure mode like fiber-reinforced gasketing. Split rings offer easy installation and eliminate the need to dismantle the equipment. Garlock of Canada Ltd.

Small housing dimensions, simple installation? Compression Packings Popular Garlock Packings. GYLON gasketing tested under varying pressures, gasketloads and differing temperatures.

Compression Packing | Garlock

The set consists of three low density graphite 20911 adjusted between two high-density adapter rings of Style FEP. Centre the gasket on the flange. The analysis by the T?

Science of Sealing We’re always looking for new ways to improve the sealing industry. Other sizes and materials are available on request. The standard line includes sizes from 6 mm up to mm. Where by both components have been sintered gaflock homogeneously. Pump Packing Systems Style DSA Innovative design offering dry running capabilities combined with reduced leakage and the elimination of flush water. H7 H Ordering example for shaft-? Checks on how assembly and maintenance is controlled so as to ensure proper operation.

Available in both metric and inch sizes. Blow-out test The test has the objective of determining the failure mode of gaskets when subjected to a sudden increase of internal pressure. Valve Stem Packing Style is a braided construction of pure expanded flexible graphite yarn around a reinforced stainless steel wire.

  DHR 753 16A200 PDF

Join both ends on varlock of the housing and insert the join ends garlck. This innovative design reduces valve stem friction and valve actuator force by eleminating valve stem leakage. Complete results relating to following tests are available upon request. IFG expands the application range over aramid and glass fiber gaskets, provides the possibility to limit the number of different gasketing materials reduction of excessive inventory costs and offers the opportunity to extend your maintenance intervals.

ST showed no detectable leakage see diagram. Garlock Performance Innovative sealing and valve technology is a Garlock trademark. Subject to change without notice. Never use anti-stick or lubricating compounds with the gaskets. Style provides a very soft surface, particularly suited for flanges with uneven surfaces and where bolts can not be tightened strongly.

This carbon fiber packing offers premium performance and economy in most high speed chemical applications. A new technology general service packing for pumps and valves. IFG is produced to meet most service requirements. Wear resistant, long service life? P x T is approved. Drastical reduction of leakage? Available in all standard cross sections and diameters from mm to mm. The gaskets are installed between flanges and subjected to varying pressures and differing temperatures.