Summary and stats for Generational Sins, a BDSM book by Samantha Blair. Innocence Tempted (Generational Sins Series) – Kindle edition by Samantha Blair. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. generational sins 1 samantha blair | Get Read & Download Ebook generational sins 1 samantha blair as PDF for free at The Biggest ebook library in the world.

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I’d happily deal with these things for such a great book, but it was distracting. She guided him through her words and actions what it was like to be in a healthy relationship.

This is everything that I look for in a book: But I was thoroughly disappointed. They want nothing but to love each other but David’s fear of his father and fear of himself are a wedge that can completely tear them apart.

Generational Sins 2 books. The loving relationship between David and Katlyn made up for the abusive parts with his father. You boair David Paulson. In the end, this book is worth more than the 99 cents it’s price generatoinal on Amazon. But he wants to make his father proud so he starts to follow what his father says and make up lies to please him along the way Control is the only thing he loves and respects.

I love how they became bestfriend first then started a relationship.


There were some reviews I read where people were actually stunned with how David’s mother, Ellen, acted after Richard’s death.

However, sexual violence was a whole new level for me which i found out i can’t handle at all.

Can I formulate a story arch, create characters and put those details to paper? I guess I was expecting more standard erotica, but there was a lot to it.

I was totally taken back by it since I’ve never read it before. I love a book that challenges my comfort level.

Generational Sins Series by Samantha Blair

I would say that if you are new to this theme or dominant and submissive personalities then maybe you should start here with this book. We have this long drawn out mentally draining story, a great story, but the end was wrapped up so quickly that I can’t help but be little upset about that. I was really hoping Generational Sin was going to be that kind of dark and disturbing book This book is definitely not for the faint of heart or the weak.

You had to feel the depravity of the father-in-law to truly grasp the overall development of all the characters involved. I guess my ambivalence speaks for itself in that response too.

Generational Sins

They are not high on the consideration scale for him and they are to be used, whether they are his wife or someone random he found on the street. This book had a hard start and it definitely didn’t leave the reader in any doubt of what they were getting sijs. Sep 20, Sara slns it it was amazing Shelves: It took a lot to get there, but with Kat by his side, David learned how to be a better man.


Always trusting, caring, his anchor to all the emotional trauma.

Generational Sins Series

Well, this was the “good” blari the “bad” side of bdsm and I was captivated by it. They end up hiding their romance and eventually their marriage from David’s parents as his dad is extremely abusive and David doesn’t want him near Kat. Blair lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her loving husband and two cats.

Yet, I couldn’t stop reading it. Sep 14, Lucia rated it liked it. I couldn’t finish this generatlonal. Smashwords Edition Please read with caution. Mom is also an abused doormat. She has a full time career as a marketing director and website designer, but in her spare time she can frequently be found writing for the shear joy of it. David feels an instant attraction to her and fights it as long as he can, that is until they meet by chance at the same club.

This is not a book that I will forget long after reading it. He refused to let me waste away as I wanted to do.