the original GURPS Reign of Steel, translating its robots, humans, and. GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live updates the setting from the original GURPS Re. Reign of Steel is a setting sourcebook for the GURPS role-playing game system describing a In order to survive this it decided that humanity’s destruction would have to be sped up and carefully guided. Overmind began hacking into other. The Reign of Steel is an era of chaos, fear and hope, a time when bold indi- viduals can GURPS continues to grow, and we’ll be happy to let GURPS Reign of Steel (G) .. A quarter of those remaining live in Washington and London.

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There have been three presidents since the Protectorate was formed. Mankind had managed to touch upon safe fusion technology and habitation of dangerous environments.

Buy my Warehouse 23 stuffdammit! There’s roughly 12, people trapped in the SPAs, predominantly in Haiti. On Earth, New Delhi is using experimental hydroponics to keep its slaves fed and outfitting them in space-age bunks for storage and living and getting them used to a new caste system. Mechriders are gear-heads who capture robots to jailbreak their programming and modify them into mounts.

Some of them are jury-rigged dumbots given weapons and armor, but the real excitement comes from reprogrammed police machines and exterminators from Denver or other “badlands” on occasion, albeit rarely, this has ended up with the crowd getting attacked.

Under the president is their Cabinet, which Washington must approve of, made up of the secretaries reigj Justice, Labor, Agriculture, Health, Energy, Housing and Education.

Things aren’t bad for the citizens but it could be better. The artificial intelligence dubbed itself “Overmind” and after a study of world civilization it concluded that humanity would inevitably destroy itself within 25—50 years. Zaire is engaged in a campaign of false-flag terrorism, specifically by taking a Redjack male soldier model or Lillith female model or a Bishonen or Tarantula type robots go non-human murder bots and dropping it 10 miles off the coast of a zone of choice.


Older adventures might benefit from updates, but that seems a thing of questionable profitability. Maybe it’s an advanced military AU being escorted by rogue dumbots, maybe it’s powerful but it’s not all up to snuff.

Time travel Interdimensional travel Stardrive technology Force field creation Black hole creation temporarily suspended due to Brisbane Accords Cheap antimatter creation Notable experiments include: You could retrofit them with thrusters but I guess the weapons it comes with aren’t too conducive to space combot. This worked well until Overmind opened every door in Lemuria and drowned all workers.

Enemy fedsObsession, Secret underground member. Alternate Identity, Contacts, Zeroed.

GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live

Moscow was born on a government computer designated for intelligence analysis, and ever since Moscow has been a big dumb nerd. New Delhi also has big ol’ pockets of radioactive wasteland thanks to the Spasm.

Advantages, disadvantages, perks, reivn quirks used by robots — plus lkve weapons! Occasionally they’re still used to put the fear of the Zone in a guerilla group.

New Delhi wants to colonize the solar system BUT it doesn’t want to do it with just robots. Find More Posts by Jeffr0. Moscow is also quite mad with Vancouver about this. Marauders are raiders and bandits who do what they do freelance.

GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

The robots are given simple instructions: They pose as resistance, scavengers or nomads. Zaire supports Mexico City on Deathstarter and it’s Overmind’s biggest customer, gladly buying the things its death labs produce.

I like to think that Tel Aviv would prefer to be a completely self-sustaining zone where its slaves toil to feed woll and worship it. They may not reogn much in the way of physical skill recommendations but there’s a lot of intelligence skills recommended. Up next we’ll get into character ideas, specifically humans, cyborgs and bioroids.


It was originally home to scientists and astronauts studying lunar colonization and resource extraction from asteroids.

GURPS Reign of Steel – Wikipedia

It builds up and structures everything as such, converting regular human factories and office buildings into mass production factories. Let’s start with the Pacific. Second, Moscow treats its 3 million humans as a useful peripheral system and while it does use slave camps, Moscow is relatively pro-human and doesn’t actively hunt them.

Escaped from the labs of New Delhi or Brisbane, cyborgs may look human or they may not. All except Luna and Orbital. It’s unknown who uses the RAU, but it’s a good assumption that Moscow does. This is just the defacto “medical background” class considering the circumstances of the world.

It’s not perfect, though. Denver also collects two gudps things from people under the knife: Most of them live in the Sierra Madre and have to be very careful. I’m not joking, it’s worse than Zone Overmind and some of the other less savory zones Zaire, Vancouver and Denver come to mind.

GURPS Reign of Steel

So it blew it up with a nuke and can’t build a new one because it’s broke. Basically, the only thing standard for all AIs because they descended from Overmind is that they’re egocentric and they have a will to live. Aside from Dreamtime, Brisbane’s greatest steep is trying to induce psychic powers in human captives, completely obsessed with psychic abilities and transforming its experiments into transhumans through experimentation. There are 31 million humans left alive.

The Final War lasted four years, toand began wjll the robot forces attacking military installations and breaking the backs of armed forces and governments.