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IEC is available from the IEC at FieldComm Group does not license this document directly. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. Function blocks (FB) for process control –. Part 3: Electronic Device Description Language .

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Alternatively the LIKE 618044-3 may be used to create a copy of the construct with a different identifier. A primary, unary or binary expression see 7.

EN IEC In this respect, the statement of the holder of this patent right is registered with IEC. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thus, the result of these expressions can have different meanings according to the program context is the arithmetic negation of its operand is the bitwise negation of its operand, that is, each bit of the result is the inverse of the corresponding bit of the operand.

The default is 1. The EDDL processor shall support an encoding scheme where characters are encoded using a variable number of octets. This International Standard has been prepared by subcommittee 65C: The default is 1 is a constant that specifies the value. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies.

Hereby practical experiences were regarded allowing the improvement of the efficiency at the commissioning of field devices and to accelerate the data exchange between the field device and the commissioning tool. Constant data items occupy two octets of the data field and therefore shall be in the range 0 through inclusive. In addition to EDD profiles, implementing consortia also publish Device Profiles, which are used to support interchangeability of compliant devices.


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The result of this type of expression is 1 if the tested relationship is true; otherwise, the result is 0. The displayed value is the value returned by a device multiplied by a factor. Not all class combinations 618804-3 allowed. The right operand can be an assignment expression again.

Device Integration

ie Lexical structure string The attribute is specified in Table The result of this type of expression is 1 if either of the operands is not equal to 0; otherwise, the result is 0. Lexical structure chart-reference, member-identifier The attributes are specified in Table This relative index is defined in the device profile.

The code allocation should be managed by the specific organizations which are responsible for the different EDDL profiles. Q5This standard meets my needs: Table specifies the shift operators. The allowed references are profile specific. Response codes appearing outside of any transaction apply to all transactions.

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Character sets with a large number of elements are often stored using a packing scheme. Any divergence between any IEC Publication and the corresponding national or regional publication shall be clearly indicated in the latter. The bits shifted off are discarded, and the vacated bits are zero filled shifts the first operand to the right.


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If this form is used, no item types and no single instances can be selected. Information exchange, Data transfer, Computerized control, Control equipment, Data processing, Process control, Control systems, Programming, Computer software, Programming languages, Electronic equipment and components, Automatic control systems, Data blocks, Control technology.

Otherwise the falseexpr is executed. Function blocks represent the basic automation functions performed by an EDD application, which is independent of the specific devices and the network. If it is not defined, a LIST instance with zero elements is created. This file contains a list of identifiers for manufacturers. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Based on this knowledge an assisted by several formal compiler tools, ifak has developed an integrated development environment for device descriptions called isEDDworkbench.

It specifies various elements required to build a communication frame.