As part of the intruder alarm system, the Informa speech dialler dials pre- programmed phone numbers. It then plays recorded voice messages to alert someone. Honeywell 8EPA Informa White Speech Dialler: : Electronics. GSM 2G AUTO DIALER – ADT/VISONIC /HONEYWELL/UTC COMPATIBLE. The Informa is a Speech Dialler for use with intruder alarm systems. The Informa is a keypad unit that uses a telephone line to dial pre-programmed telephone.

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Automatic call initialisation Operation in the absence of a proceed indication. More Programming the Informa Using the Informa. This has a single-strand conductor of 0. Don’t show me this message again.

If it fails to receive an acknowledgement it repeats its messages for the duration of the message timeout, then hangs up the line autodiaaler flashes all four LEDs. Where the REN is not specified, it is assumed to be 1.

Honeywell Informa Speech Dialler

Edition 4 26 March When you have chosen the setting, the Informa automatically resets to the top level of the Engineering menu. Run the cable from the alarm panel to the Informa back plate as required.

  24.301 3GPP PDF

You now have some great More information. Consult your PABX provider for further details, if required.

Speech Dialler Engineering Information – PDF

There are three types of alarm: Connecting to the Accenta Gen 4 Three-channel three-message operation is possible with an Accenta Gen 4. Messages, on page 3. Example A location message can be: Understanding the Keypad LEDs The four LEDs show the trigger level of inputs 1 to 3 and the inhibit input, respectively.

An intruder alarm system monitors and detects autodiale entry to properties homes and businesses alike – More information.

The Informa may be connected to the telephone network by either of the two methods below: At the master socket identify the terminals A and B. The Informa always uses the Follow Me number if programmed in preference to the first telephone number. The Informa can be used for the following: Calls outside of this area will be billed.

If the Informa receives a valid acknowledgement it hangs up the line and lights all four LEDs steadily. Features 1 Store up to 4 phone card accounts.

The Informa uses a telephone line to dial a preprogrammed telephone number. Fasten the Informa s backplate securely to the required position on a wall, using fixing points A, B and C, and breaking out autodualer cable entry is to be used. Features One location message of 11 seconds, and three alarm messages of three seconds each. If the Informa is not acknowledged it will attempt to communicate with the second telephone number, then the third, see Message Acknowledgement, on page 4.


Honeywell Informa speech autodialler

The cutouts are designed to take mini-trunking directly. The Informa automatically resets to the top level of the Engineering menu. To record or re-record a message: Honeywell tuxedo touch series home automation system 48 pages. To alert you to an error, the Informa sounds a long two-note signal.

Honeywell Informa speech autodialler from only £

Message 1 may be up aufodialer 11 seconds long; the three alarm messages are 3 seconds long. To delete a telephone number: Charge the handset for 24 hours before use.

May Firmware Update Notice What is the product update?

infoma The Active 5 is a microprocessor controlled intruder alarm panel. Refer also to the Quick Reference on page 17 of this guide. Clear Used to edit numbers when pre-dialling or when. Compatible with many prepaid and postpaid calling cards, dial around plans. Revision 1 Copyright JM Precision