Killing Rage has ratings and 49 reviews. Thedailyloaf said: quite possibly one of the most disturbing books regarding the Troubles. it is the autobio. Some time in the coming weeks Eamon Collins would have received compensation for injuries received when he was knocked down by. Co-written by former journalist Mick McGovern, ‘Killing Rage’ tells the story of Eamon Collins’s short but eventful life in the IRA during the late.

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What’s amazingly rare about this book is the way the author takes personal responsibility for his role in the savagery of the Troubles.

Feb 25, Miguel Gonzalez rated it it was amazing. I have no doubt the IRA were involved in his murder.

He also incurred the wrath of South Armagh republicans by giving evidence rqge Thomas “Slab” Murphy in a Dublin libel trial. I will say this is a great look into the IRA from a new view. Dec 04, Alexander Bell rated it it was amazing.

Killing Rage – Eamon Collins, Mick McGovern – Google Books

Very, very interesting look at the internal workings of the IRA and the author’s doubts and criticisms of the organisation. Collins was ultimately concerned with his own self preservation. Disgusting, yet interesting inside in the disturbing antics of the IRA and the troubles as a whole. This book was very difficult to read and there were a few moments when I was not sure I would be able to finish the book.

Eamon Collins

However, soon after the trial Collins’ home was attacked and daubed with graffiti colins him a “tout”, a slang word for an informer in Irish Republican circles. It’s not graphic as far as detailing the actual deaths, more disturbing as it details the planning of the murders and what that entailed.


Collins subsequently stated that the strain of the interrogation merely exacerbated increasing doubts that he had already possessed about the moral justification of the IRA’s terrorist paramilitary campaign and his actions within it. May 16, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: Peter Rave, a British journalist who covered the Troubles for decades, noticed this too.

Killing Rage

We need to learn the why of how people th Killing Rage is a window into the thinking of one person involved in the IRA. Collins eventually retracted his statements so he would no longer be a supergrass.

Since the s, people have been murdering their neighbors in Northern Ireland. Provisional Irish Republican Kjlling. A South Armagh man is in custody in connection with the murder of a former IRA man-turned-informer in the region 15 years ago. I’m not even going to comment on ridiculous statements that call the British Army a ‘side’.

Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh | UK news | The Guardian

It is a truthful kiling of the brutality and waste caused by the IRA’s unwinnable campaign, and of its human consequences. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But not that surprising.

From a university student with radical leanings to a soldier in the guerrilla war in Northern Ireland, Collins tells the very personal motivation behind his decisions and perhaps more importantly, how his actions lead him to a point where he no longer What are the causes, and consequences, of a person that crosses the line to use violence to achieve political means? Mar 21, John Williams rated it really liked it. Eamon Collins saw the light after six years of planning death and mayhem.


It was the first book I’d voluntarily read in a long time, and it so interested me and enlightened me that I took a renewed interest in reading and in educating myself on a variety of subjects.

He eamin have us believe that he and only he, Eamon Collins, can accurately tell the story of the “real” IRA.

Having committed the most vile crimes — such as setting up innocent work colleagues for execution, he then confessed everything to the police and turned supergrass.

But the book is reasonably laconic about his involvement with the Nutting Squad.

While the writing isn’t great, the importance of this book lies in the descriptions of the inner workings of the IRA in the s. Mar 23, OhCanada rated it really liked it. Some time ago you posted a link to a blog that was a recount of the same story: So even though he becomes a terrorist, you sympathize with killinb Their Justice and Ours.

Although the IRA had already said that he would be killed if he lived north of Drogheda in the Republic, it seemed that they turned a blind eye for some years as he insisted on living in Newry not far from where he grew colljns.

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