The LM is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 40W of continuous average power to an 8Ω load with % (THD + N) from LM LM – High-performance 40 Watt Audio Power Amplifier W/Mute, Package: to , Pin Nb=11 LM Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series. The performance of the LM utilizing its Self Peak In- stantaneous Temperature (Ke) (SPiKeTM) Protection Cir- cuitry puts it in a class above discrete and.

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This is often the case when comparing integrated. As a benefit to the system designer we have provided Maxi. Characteristics section shows the area of device operation. Optional components dependent upon specific design requirements. Reduces the gain bandwidth of the amplifier at high frequencies to avoid quasi-saturation oscillations of the.

The absolute value of the difference. Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is. Optional components dependent upon specific design requirements. Inverting input resistance to provide AC Gain in conjunction with R f1.

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This is why the. Lm876 shape of all weighting filters is similar, with the peak of. The capacitor also suppresses external electromagnetic switching noise created from. Electrical Characteristics Notes 4, 5.


The third figure below is an example of a single. This is of course. Therefore the supply required is: Therefore the voltage appearing at the non-inverting input is. This measurement an IHF stan. datqsheet

LM2876 Datasheet

Feedback resistance to provide AC Gain in conjunction with Ri. LM such that no DC output spikes occur. Provides power supply filtering and bypassing. Provides AC coupling at the input and output of the amplifier for single supply operation.

Determining Maximum Power Dissipation. Supply under-voltage protection, not allowing internal. LM into mute mode. Refer to the diagram on the following page. Also for ICs an inadequate frequency re. The muting function of the LM allows the user to mute. Determining the Correct Heat Sink.

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For operating at case temperatures above 25? Previous 1 2 Next. Should it be necessary to isolate V – from the heat sink, an. The clamping effect is quite the same. The LM is designed to be stable when operated at a. GBWP, then we have the following: IMD 60 Hz, 7 kHz, 4: Ensures unity gain at DC.


Although the optional external components have specific. LM lm speaker diagram for w audio amplifier circuit 80w audio amplifier circuit diagram lm audio amplifier PCB diagram w audio amplifier 12v stereo preamp with tone circuit w power amplifier stereo w audio amplifier 12 v circuit diagram Datasyeet However, to eliminate pos.

The output swing limit.

Although theoretical noise analysis is derived using true. To determine the maximum supply voltage the following.

Therefore, it is necessary for the system designer to be. In addition to noise filtering, differing meter types give differ. Five times away from a pole gives. Also provides a low impedance at low frequencies to.

These two om2876 act as low impedances to certain. The operating junction temperature maximum is ? The choice of a heat sink for a high-power audio amplifier is. The LM maintains an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 95dB min with a typical low. The system designer usually knows some of the following.