Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After a heroic attempt to be an English major forever, Captives of the Night (Scoundrels Book 2) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Captives of the Night, le livre audio de Loretta Chase à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai. Such is Loretta Chase’s Captives of the Night, where an interesting mystery, two fascinating protagonists, complex interrelationships and.

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Kate Reading is Simply Brilliant! Fortunately a prince charming in the person of a young, handsome Francis Beaumont rescues her. He has atoned for his past crimes and has worked under cover for the past ten years, for the British Government, Leila insists on being kept informed, and indeed on being proactive in the search for her husband’s killer, not for any love of him, more because she simply wants to know who perpetrated the crime and also of course, because there is a killer on the loose, and who knows who will be next?

Ultimately though, Avory played such a small role in the story, he was never able to add much depth to it. They become partners and investigate nasty dead hubby’s murder and soon their passions for each other collide. As a character, Leila is unpredictable which can be good, when she throws sudden and epically hilarious temper tantrums that involve destroying furniture and giving men concussions with warming pansbut she’s also inconsistent.

As for the other characters, I didn’t really have much respect for any of them. Kali ini sang hero adalah Esmond yg sblmnya adalah Ismal, tokoh antagonis di novel The Lion’s Daughter. I despised the main character Ismael in the first book; but this book simply exemplifies the fact that we all grow and change.

Description Leila Beaumont is a gorgeous and talented portrait painter trapped in a loveless marriage with her profligate husband, Francis. Older, wiser, and mostly reformed, Ismal now works under a different name for the British government, handling cases that require sophistication and discretion.

Captives of the Night

While I Reviewed for www. Jun 26, steph rated it liked it Shelves: IMO the female version of Nicholas Boulton in terms of voice acting, versatility and consummate skill in portraying both male and female characters alike.

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Apparently this is part 2 in the 4 nihht series. As I mentioned, I tbe a fond of Leila. At the beginning, she’s suspected of the crime, given that her and her husband haven’t gotten along in years and in fact, everybody knows they don Captives of the Night had one of the most disagreeable heroines I’ve had the misfortune to find in romance.

Captives of the Night Livre audio | Loretta Chase |

This is not an easy or comfortable book, but the romance feels so caprives more earned at the end because of it. Chase writes a wonderful historical romance that is so much more.

Lists with This Book. We get here a mysterious death puzzle with plenty of viable and interesting suspects and secondary characters, two fascinating protagonists, a complex interrelationship and an escalating emotional and sexual tension yes, in this exact order, not the other way round.

Can you say right up my alley? I was at the brink of dnfing it many times but the mystery and the hero kept me reading on. Captives of the Night Scoundrels 2 by Loretta Chase. View all 4 comments.

A murder mystery with strong women, and handsome, intelligent men; some you love-some you cwptives. Leila is also a fascinating character, a pas Oh, I love this story. We see a man with a very modern haircut peeping through some bed hangings or curtains; he’s got a definite five o’clock shadow and completely hairless arms waxed? A difficult task, as the list of suspects is long.

And prepare to be wowed. Saat suami Leila yg super bajingan ditemukan mendadak tewas dgn sianida, hidup Leila berubah sepenuhnya. Captivds Chase did a good job of redeeming him.

Desert Isle Keeper

They complemented each other perfectly, in terms of intellect and personality. At the beginning, she’s suspected of the crime, given that her and her husband haven’t gotten along in years and in fact, everybody knows they don’t even sleep together. But not being hanged for her husband’s murder isn’t enough for Leila. This gave the feel of a very tedious 19th century procedural examination of a murder case that held little interest for me.

The Comte d’Esmond may claim a title, but with non-English background and shadowy past, he’s not much like the usual dukes frequenting modern European historicals either. Not sure if that was entirely the effect lorettta cover designers were looking for. After listening to the first book of the series, I was worried. I didn’t expect to like the hero since he was horrible in the first book.


She made the Leila Beaumont into a violent tempered shrew who can stand up to her morally corrupt husband and and whose tantrums lead to her being the suspect in her husband’s murder.

Why I have to explain myself? When the spouse, unsurprisingly and conveniently, gets himself murdered, all Esmond has to do is clear Leila of suspicion and proceed to the next assignment. No trivia or quizzes yet. This honestly is one of Chase’s best works and her hero Esmond is so unique and overall seductive in his talk and actions that Leila had no chance.

At least the pig of a husband gets his just deserts.

Captives of the Night (Scoundrels, book 2) by Loretta Chase

Well worth the credit and it rewards you for listening! As I mentioned earlier, Ismal was the villain of that book and played a major role in the story. Donna Newman Review Date: As it was written, it seemed like all the characters from The Lion’s Daughter who appeared in Captives of the Nighthad casually forgiven him and gone their merry way almost as though nothing had ever happened.

She contents herself with the artistic career she’s developed separate from her husband, and refuses to be a victim, although she still harbours certain body and sexual issues thanks to her husband’s unkind manipulations. What else will they discover during that process?

Non dico che una voglia sempre uomini che non devono chiedere mai, ma gli angeli se non sono abbastanza caduti e arruffati talvolta annoiano. Esmond’s virility and bold touch enflame Leila’s blood Neither Leila, nor Esmond is especially happy to be working together – their relationship is one of intense attraction accompanied by intense resistance.

Captives of the Night makes for an intelligent mystery, with plenty of viable and interesting suspects and secondary characters, and the kind of scandalous secrets that can bring down governments and incite murderous intent.