Price History. – The auction record for this maker is $43, in Jun , for a cello. – 65 auction price results. View all auction prices for Luigi Mozzani. Luigi Mozzani was born on March 9, into a family of very modest means. As typical of his class, Luigi was forced to follow his father into the shoemaking. MOZZANI, Luigi Born Faenza, died Bologna Italy. Noted guitar virtuoso. Established a workshop in Cento for guitar making and began making.

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Carmen Lenzi Mozzani – Wikipedia

At the zenith of this phase of his professional life, he played in the New Yorker Philharmonic under Arturo Toscanini.

Estratto da ” https: Soon after, with a mandolin ensemble back in Italy, I presume. Inhe published three volumes of Studies for Guitar.

More detailed information about stringed instruments and the history of violin making. Inthe Mozzani laboratory-school was granted official status, with famed violinmaker Claudio Gamberini put in charge of plucked instruments. This modern Italian violin is a brilliantly crafted instrument which clearly reflects the traditions of the Bolognese school and was probably made by Luigi Mozzani.


Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory. The bolts can be reached, and adjusted, through holes in the back of the instrument.

This section features the harp guitars of Luigi Mozzani. A celebrated Italian guitar virtuoso who some consider the Italian equivalent of Tarrega. Tra i suoi titoli vanno menzionati anche: The other players are unknown to me.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And yet, here in the States, we know next to nothing about this man, and rarely if ever come across his remarkable instruments. Copyright and Fair Use of material and use of images: Nella sua liuteria realizza un modello di chitarra-lyra e brevetta nel un dispositivo in grado di regolare l’angolazione del manico attraverso un sistema di viti.

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Copyright and Fair Use of material and use of images: Mario Maccaferri circa with a Mozzani harp guitar. He is seen in the foreground of the first photo, and several of the other images. Powerfulclearbrilliantresonant. Italian composer, music educator and luth player. While touring the world he took interest in guitar making.

Carmen Lenzi Mozzani

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Mozzani in his last years. L uigi Mozzani was born on March 9, into a family of very modest means. Serena Tamburinioggi compositrice e docente di Musica Elettronica, e Alessandro Tamburiniinsegnante e scrittore. Pietro Taraffo, brother of the famous Pasquale also played a Mozzani besides the familiar Gazzo harp guitars.


It ranks amongst Mozzani’s latest pieces and was made in the period of nearly two years at the end of his life when he was once again permitted to pursue his mlzzani The neck is free from mozzaji body and held in place by six metal bolts three at the heel and three at the headstock.

Concertista e liutaio, Mozzani fu un grande innovatore della tecnica chitarristica, cui diede nuove e moderne basi. Views View Edit History. Wish list Send inquiry Share it, make it social. Nel presenta una anonima Serenata al concorso musicale mozzanni della rivista Il Plettro, che vince il primo premio; tale lavoro viene poi pubblicato con il titolo Feste Larianearia con variazioni. Maccaferri posing at home in the s with 2 of the 5 Mozzani harp guitars he kept until his death.

Alfredo CottinGelas e Luigii Llobet.