En esta entrada os contamos nuestra experiencia haciendo psicobloc en Mallorca; cómo hacer psicobloc, dónde hacer psicobloc en Mallorca, cuales son los. The deep water soloing (known locally as Psicobloc) is well developed and excellen. DWS or Psicobloc in Mallorca. Featured in. The place was Porto Pi and this became Mallorca’s first bouldering venue. Miquel continued his obsession with Psicobloc by opening new.

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Llegamos a Palma, de noche y decidimos alquilar un coche en Mallorca para toda la semana. Hidden under the lighthouse in Porto Colom, is a large cliff offering both very low traverses and sketchy Chris Sharma routes topping out at 60 feet. Photography mallorfa pernikphoto, climbing by jesusmikes.

Traversing the stalactites and tufas under the main cave is great fun in itself.

Lose the flipflops and take some decent approach shoes. Where to go Most of the developed deep water soloing areas are over on the east of the Island.

Try crafting one out of a cut 1. It is all about fun in the sun and is what all of the cool kids will be up to this summer. Tuck your chin and close your mouth firmly. Check out the stories for more.

Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca

Although more and more people are interested in DWS, the cliffs are still far from busy. As mallorcq the grades, very quickly you stop caring.

This is the joy of DWS, you can head to the popular spots alone and find buddies malloca the way. The edition of the Mallorca guidebook contains full sport climbing and deep water soloing information to the island of Mallorca.


Covered in stunning mallogca but difficult to get too, this is a futuristic but quiet venue to visit. During my last trip to Mallorca, I tried at least six different types of chalk, from completely thick creames to very liquid ones.

InBritish climber Tim Emmett received an email from Miquel showing a picture of Cova Del Diablo in all its glory which triggered a major international visit by some strong climbers. There are three sectors to Cala Santanyi: To the right of the main wall and psiocbloc in the Bay area are five more lines.

Contact Sam and Justin: My worst injury was bursting the inside of my upper lip after falling with my mouth open from just under 45 feet.

PSICOBLOC – Mallorca Deep Water Soloing – Rock and Ice

Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. What Miquel started all those years ago is now attracting climbers from all over the world, and still today climbers are discovering and expanding what Mallorca has to offer.

Throughout the s, sport picobloc grew in popularity, and bouldering along with Psicobloc faded into the background. The same year, German filmmaker Udo Neumann released the documentary ‘Psicobloc ,’ giving viewers an insight into the previous year’s developments regarding psicoblod on Mallorca. The spotlight turned to Porto Colom in as Miquel introduced Chris Sharma, Toni Lamprecht and a number of international climbers to the venue.

Rockfax seems to be the most comprehensive guidebook to both Mallorcan DWS and sport malllrca. The venues also have problems up to 7a for the stronger climbers.


Very much a connoisseur’s venue. A dual format grading system is used.

Ojo con los pies de gato para hacer psicoblocporque si no los aclaras con agua dulce y secas bien se pudren. Save yourself some trouble and have a flotation device to hand. In March a new and fully comprehensive Rockfax guide was released, expanding and updating all things climbable on Mallorca.

Psicobloc en Mallorca para principiantes

After the first splash malorca you spend the rest of the day climbing in wet shoes. Offering a unique selection of caves and overhanging walls with the added attraction of the fearsome Tarantino wall to increase your adrenaline level! Activity Reviews Climbing Guide. The Cove offers two easy routes:. Know your exit points from the sea and make sure you can still manage these exits when fatigued.

Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca |

Where to go It is always difficult advising someone on the best area for climbing in Mallorca as the climbing venues are spread throughout the island. Contact Sam and Justin rockandrideeurope gmail. Josh Lowell released a collection of short films under the banner Dosage Vol 2 in Siempre teniendo en cuenta que somos principiantes en el psicobloc y aficionados a mallocra escalada, no profesionales.