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October 30, 2016 Slave Revolt -sideA- brief history of election fraud

Gerald presents a brief history of election fraud in the presidential elections 00:00:26 Standing Rock Camps attacked by militarized police 00:00:42 Centi   Raids carried out on Indian territory 00:09:33 Ceremonial Sacred Staff seized by police 00:13:35 Callout Oct 28 from the front lines of the raids environmental racism 00:16:53…

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November 20, 2016 Slave Revolt -sideB-

download Michael Goldstein, author of Return of the Light

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November 27 -side B- Tarnel

Cheyanne River Sioux tribe responds to Corps letter to vacate protest. 03:00 Chairman Harold Frasier communicates his response to the eviction notice. Denies authority based on consent of members to order peaceful water protectors to vacate Standing Rock (Ronaldi or Centi?) 05:30 Micheal reports that militarized surveillance efforts appear to…

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