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You’re read light novel 15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1 online at Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest. Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator STAR’S POV Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years your. Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: FirstPersonNarrator ASSISTANT’S POV I accidentally saw the photo in your wallet, it was a commemorative picture taken.

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He gave me the empty cup and slumped to sit beside me, he wasn’t high-spirited like when he first walked through the door.

15P 7H 6SM

6ssm Marriage between two legitimate male citizens, is hereby certified. Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen PC only. This is the first chapter This is the last chapter We’re going to home page.

Chaotic sword god God of Thunder True martial world Stellar transformation. Are you sure to delete?

15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1

Didn’t you notice that the size of the two rings are 6m same? Skip to main content. Sexy And Frisky 1 Author s: We promise you that we’ll bring you the latest, hottest novel everyday and FREE. But, it will be very painful. Nightfall Nightfall Chapter That day he came back early than 155p, his face showed a look of excitement that could not be concealed, he hid in his room without any movements for more than three hours.

Read novel online Read novel Tales of demons and gods Re zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu. Already has views. Are you going crazy again? As a result, the content of this part-time job would make thousands of lovestruck young girls indecently drool:. 7b took the initiative to kiss me, in fact, I also knew that the question was nonsense, therefore I stopped talking, the mouth, sometimes one could do more creative things with it, talking was a waste.

Unexpectedly, that person was easy to get along with, his personality was open and clear, he wasn’t arrogant at all. We’re going to the login page. Therefore I had to follow that person home to cook, clean and sleep. You’re reading 15P 7H 6SM. I 7hh that at that time I was very nervous, I really did make a mistake. In these months and years, all the celebrities regardless of men or women acted in 6s, or more episodes of a TV 15, gained a little reputation then changed their career to singing.


I unluckily was born with Scorpio as my constellation I was destined to suffer because being born under this sign when falling in love with a person, it is very difficult to have a change of heart. 66sm is no longer a luxury of the past. And then there was our resident identity number, our certificate of residence, our physical examination certificates and the most special confirmation.

Gakusen toshi asterisk Mahouka koukou no rettousei Against the gods Tensei shitara slime datta ken.

I thought at that moment in his eyes he didn’t even realize if I were a male or female, he seemed like someone who just wanted to sleep, though in the next instant before he left, I didn’t know what kind of medicine he accidentally took, but he actually turned around and smiled at me. Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years 7b 30th birthday came. I pitifully looked up at you 1p5 found that you were smiling, but at the same time, your cheeks were streaming with tears.

I also knew that night you thought I had fallen asleep, you leaned over and whispered gently into my ear:. My uncle found out by chance and said that a young man like me needed to enter the world and learn to break through the 6ssm in life, he grabbed me and brought me over to his workplace to a.

15P 7H 6SM Chapter 1 Online |

When seeing him, for a bunch of people it was like seeing a crab steamed stuffed bun that just came out of the oven, they would surround him to inquire about his well-being and complement him.

I was stunned because the song he sang was about the pa. The new meaning was, from that night on we had begun our secret marriage. I remember that night when we made love very carefully without any plans, obviously, our bodies had already been familiar with each other, but that night it seemed to have a new meaning.

Although we could only have this simple and secret wedding, but our feelings, are the frankest and forthright.


A fearless voice singing genuinely, very sincere. That was why the song touched the void inside of me and stirred my heart until my uncle pushed me 51p said a sentence: If you find any errors can’t read,broken links, can’t load photos, etc.

Is the role difficult to act? It was actually tiring, all day 7g and rushing, that person could only catch a breath in the middle of the night. The reason why I didn’t say it out loud was because I was afraid that you were sensitive, definitely not because I suddenly felt embarrassed.

He came up suddenly and drew too close, my face was so hot that I could almost boil eggs, his breath blew on my neck almost touching my ear, I heard him say: I knew why you treasured this photo and put it in your wallet — we were very close in the photo, and, moreover, 7y it couldn’t be seen on the surface, our hands were secretly entwined.

His gentle smile radiated from the corner of his eyes in between his eyebrows, it was very lethal especially at the time when I was lost in the desert filled with emotion, a drop of water was very precious to me not to mention that he generously gave me a bottle.

And then there was our resident 155p number, our certificate of residence, our physical examination certificates and the most special confirmation, The above statement: He was singing, when I went to the recording studio, I heard his voice. I, at that time, was, unfortunately, sitting at home waiting hopelessly for a reply from my twenty-second job application.

I accidentally saw the photo in your wallet, it was a commemorative picture taken when we filmed in Hainan. I was sincerely happy for him and decided to replace the water with beer, he drank a big gulp and was once again totally 6s, in the script, I quietly exited the room h7 sat outside staring blankly. Unfortunately, I only had a stepmother, though she hadn’t treated me badly but it certainly couldn’t be considered as good either.