1N, datasheet for 1N – SILICON 3-LAYER BILATERAL TRIGGERS provided by New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.. 1N pdf. 1NA,AA. Leakage Current. IBeth Direction!). (Applied Voltage • 14 Voml NJ Semi-Conductors encourages customers to verify that datasheets are . 1N Datasheet: Silicon 3-Layer Bilateral Triggers, 1N PDF Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 1N Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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The line is characterized by a relatively high-current gain over an extremely wide range of dc collector current, a high-frequency response and medium-speed switching capability.

The combination of high-gain and low-noise have made these standards popular for many years.

1N5760 Datasheet PDF

The devices are listed according to increasing Current-Gain f T. As an approximate rule of thumb, for each three memory packages in a typical system, one package of support interface circuitry is required. Typical gate speed is 12 ns, with powerdissipationaveragesof 19 mW input high and 5.

They are heavily gold doped and processed to provide very short switching times and low output capacitance below 6 pF. A 3 2 VV 2. Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter MCL Provides the data formatting and control to interface serial asynchronous data communications Information to bus organized systems. The MPQ is designed to provide the switching speed and saturation voltages necessary to design the clock circuit to meet the MPU clock requirements.


In the largest selection of packages, at the lowest cost.

Full text of “Motorola Master Selection Guide Data Book “

These devices are offered in current ranges of 1. Devices differ principally in BVqeq. These new functions will offer the designer even more flexibility and oppor- tunities for creative design.

Phototransistors Phototransistors are used where moderate sensitivity and medium speed 2. The TO, from R.

PDF 1N5761 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

If specific applications are not listed, consult your factory representative for assistance. Effective AGC voltage range from 5 to 7 volts for a 30 dB gain reduction. MRF, a new high power transistor developed foi single sideband applications, is used in the design.

Information on devices in non-standard datashet may be obtained through your local Motorola Sales Office or Motorola distributor. Wide variety of package options simplifies mechanical design. To- gether with the code converters, which facilitate interface circuitry when going from one character standard to another, they provide a wide choice of devices for data display systems. Good performance 1n7560 D Motorola offers its entire vast repertoire of discrete small-signal tran- sistors for multiple-device packaging.

  LENZE 8104 PDF

_Motorola_Power_Device_Data Motorola Power Device Data

BF EBC 25 25 75 3 10 Typical 75 MHz band- width makes it suitable for high-frequency applications such as video switching, FSK circuits, multiplexers, etc. Chain 12 – They are particularly suited for 1 1 5 and volt line operated switch-mode applications such as: Family Members io ;: To locate the exact page number, see Catalog IndexIPage Methods of mounting and heat-sinking both stud and flange type packages are described.

Motorola also offers a wide array of standard devices that have a wide range of specifications including the first series of DIP transistors and darlington couplers to achieve JEDEC registration: ROMs are also available to provide the rhythm patterns for electronic organs.

With minimum gain-bandwidth products f, up to 1 00 MHz, these devices provide useful gain at high frequencies. Device types that are not referenced are, nevertheless, manufactured and inventoried by Motorola, but are suggested principally for replacement datasneet. Motorola has developed the Uniwatt and Duowatt packages. The following characterized devices represent the best values and should receive primary consideration.

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