by Anders Breivik Politisporet by Torstein Viddal Die Tage danach by Erika Books about Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks 7/22/ A 1,page “manifesto” recently published online, entitled A Geofarm is a farm which has been linked to Anders Behring Breivik. By Andrew Berwick (Anders Behring Breivik), London – compendium, – “ – A European Declaration of Independence” – documents.

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The immigration spokesman for the right-wing Progress Party, Per Sandberg, feared that the law would jeopardize the rights of ordinary, law-abiding Norwegian citizens.

Han advarer mot kortsiktige konsekvenser fra FN og muslimske celler, men understreker langsiktige gevinster. That in itself is interesting. It is pure fiction.

That would be logical, as he committed the murders ostensibly with the goal of interrupting cultural Marxism recruitment because the cultural Marxists are the ones he blames for allowing Muslim immigration. But our enemies do. WAZ — Der Westen. Denne artikkelen forklarer historien bak navnet Hindu Kush: If you knew how to link then you would see that the article was still there: After the attacks in Norway that was discussed a lot: On 25 JulyBreivik was charged with violating paragraph a of the Norwegian criminal code, [85] [86] “destabilising or destroying basic functions of society” and “creating serious fear in the population”, [87] both of which are acts of terrorism under Norwegian law.

One day we will see Norway under Islamic law, under Sharia law, where Muslims, Jews and Christians live together, says Muhammad, who recently issued a fatwa on all those who support the U.


2083: A European Declaration of Independence

All suspects are of foreign origin. What a complete and at times unrelenting horror show this has been. Norwegian women were the victims in 80 percent of the cases. I know many people are unwilling to engage in armchair psychiatry and I can see the folly in it. He aanders the isolation a sadistic torture-method.

by Anders Behring Breivik, Part 4: All About ABB – Odd Things Considered

Fjordman forklarer om de statlige midlene venstreorienterte ekstremister mottar tross sin overdrevne vold: Conservative Jews were loyal to Europe and should have been rewarded. The badge of the Justiciar Knight illustrates a white skull, marked with the symbols behfing communism, Islam and Nazism on the forehead, impaled on the cross of the martyrs.

There is a racist, xenophobic, very anti-intellectual especially anti-science element to the Tea Party that I really dislike. Oh, naders terrible the world is when white men cannot smoke at the office.

Anders Behring Breivik – Wikipedia

Del 2 er en oversikt over hvilke norske medier som er subsidiert av regjeringen og som er boikottet. The politics are important but the emotional part, the fun part of creating his own world, his reactions to the world that deprived him of what he wanted, were the places where he put in his original thought.

Retrieved 25 July Anyway even a crazy person has SOME kind of motive. Read all of Part Four here. The very way he begins his manifesto is a very good clue that he has mixed motives.

Charge 3 includes the accusation of “systematically importing Muslim voters Dette scenariet er det foretrukne utfall. Both parents remarried and both subsequently divorced again. We know there are swathes of the Internet devoted to discussing how it is they can deprive other people of their civil rights, citizenship and dignity.


Anders Behring Breivik brev til Tanja. I do not think it is particularly far-fetched to think that Breivik looked at the teenagers on that island, knew when a matriarch in the Socialist movement was coming to speak, and decided to kill the mother and her children.

Breivik was permitted to move himself out from behind the glass wall of the visit room—to give his mother a farewell hug”. And here is a adjusted Google translation of the article in question: He even created a role for himself in an international but non-existent conspiracy to change the course of history.

A very interesting analysis indeed, but obviously from the point of view of a person with little or no life experience gained within the different cultures of Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries. Oversikt over utmerkelser KT tilbyr. Aug 16, Anita Dalton added it Shelves: In he spent 8—10 hours per day writing.

That does not mean we brsivik not read and watch these people.

If he thinks such people are indeed vermin, I would be surprised. Views and News from Norway. More sacrosanct breivk no mushy bacon bookmarkels! I also had some excellent teachers and professors in my day who instilled in me a habit of engaging with words in a manner that, at times, makes reading very involved for me. Archived from the original on 1 August

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