The 2N, 2N, and 2N are silicon transistors in a TO66 type package designed for high- speed switching and linear amplifier applications for . Manufacturer Part No: 2N Newark Part No.: 58R Also Known As: GTIN UPC EAN: Technical Datasheet: 2N Datasheet. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Based on what I have seen on the newsgroups and on pinside – there are quite a few electronics type people here My HV section went on my lost world and didn’t have any 2n on hand. Jukebox Custom Shooter Rod.

Can’t beat the price. Please donate to Pinside, support the site and get a next to your username to show for it! Well, with out the heat sink it may get too hot.

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I want to know more about those. If you don’t replace them in a set, you risk shorting them again. A monster heat sink like 2n3854 may make that part last literally forever.


We really need people like you on pinside. Circuit went bad but can’t figure why. So I found this thread and ordered up a 10 pack of BUX85’s. It’s a matter of how much you are willing to spend and personal preference.

Thanks – great information. Anything i make on pinball boards funds my next pinball purchase. Replaced the 2n and the non-heatsinked and for a few seconds it output the correct voltage then nothing. The slight difference in gain won’t matter as that is already accounted for by Q None have come back with problems.

My day job pays the bills. Replaced the 2n with the rest of the HV Regulator components. Had wireless ankle straps on the person with anti-tamperGPS tracking that was fun to testbuilt in breath-analyzer didn’t get to test that onecameras Just enough to light all the segments.

Could the lmk be replaced with a t in a similar fashion to using the bux85 for the or is the pin config too far off? The BUX84 i found are plastic non conductive on the mounting tab.

2N3584 – 2N3584 NPN High Voltage Switching Transistor Datasheet

Jurassic Park Smart Scoop Lighting. This power dissipation is the same regardless if 2N or BUX84 or any other type transistor. A lot of that stuff rolls over nicely into pinball and arcade electronics which is mostly generic stuff.


Other resistors in the circuit test at proper values as do the two diodes. Thought I’d dig this up.

Yes, but the center lead – collector, will have to be folded up, solder a wire to the center lead and then attached the other end of the wire to the the tab mounting screw to provide circuit continuity for the collector. Super Skill Shot Shop. Bumping cause this is good info and those new to the hobby might have missed a good piece of info.

Yep — BUX85’s on this page: Then i started get into the theory of how and why things work the way they do and i am still shakey on it.

The BUX85 seems to be a viable alternative using method shown above.

Wish I could have learned it years ago.