2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2SC NPN Transistor For V/mA High-voltage Amplifier And High- voltage Switching Applications. Applications. High voltage amplifiers. High- voltage. 2SC Datasheet: V/mA High-Voltage Amplifier High-Voltage Switching Applications, 2SC PDF Download SANYO -> Panasonic, 2SC

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[2szt] Tranzystor 900V 0.1A 2SC3675 TO220 SANYO

Not something you want to mess with though. How many DIY T2’s are in dwtasheet now? The el-cheapo DY tester gives me some piece of mind.

If the DY is only good for weeding out the obvious fakes, what would you guys suggest for a good test box. Maybe give Kerry a call? I should have it in a week or so. Sometimes the pots can get “noisy” with age and tweaking datashedt to a slightly different position does the job. Or maybe the estate sold it after the builder stuck his hand inside while the HV was live I don’t know jack.

Ditto but that might explain the very strange ‘s I have here that test like the real thing Everything indicates that there should be 36 in the package. Try moving the setup to a different part of the house and plugging into a different receptacle. I adjusted the batteries to what I believed to be the center of the sweet spot.


As long as it is not outrageously expensive I would buy one just for piece of mind. Posted March 1, It could be any number of things, but I agree that the batteries could be a source of the problem. Will the DY tester be good enough to check all the parts for the T2?

Good luck and I’m very happy to help out if needed. By spritzerAugust 8, in Do It Yourself. Does this amp self-bias? I’ve looked around and don’t really know what to look for. Sorry to hear this Al.

I got word back from Futurelec and they are sending another package with the rest of my parts. Long story, still waiting for a refund on T2 sand that was never shipped Just seeing this now. But Craig Sawyers’ post and other related posts should help: If you do open it up, make sure that all power is removed and that any high voltage capacitors are drained down first.

Going on two years now for this build Posted March 2, edited.

[2szt] Tranzystor V A 2SC TO SANYO TVSAT-SHOP

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Even though they are 2sc365 there are still variances. I don’t purport that these measurements are absolute, at least they jive with the datasheet. I will report back and get in touch directly if there is a need. Basically datashset “batteries” need to be adjusted to V and then the servo can kick in and null the output. I’m considering ordering a few but I have no way to test them. Is there something better for a reasonable price.


Of course, I sat down the headphones for awhile with everything on and now I do not hear the sound. Also just typing 2sc in the search bar brings up a bunch of stuff. Dataaheet buy one if I knew that it would mean that I could at least have a chance of seeing if the parts were good or not.

Would one of the test sets like mentioned a couple of posts prior work for this? Glad that the crackle is out for now. Posted March 20, edited. Posted March 27, Posted March 2, Low voltage is more of a problem though as there are so many similar parts out there.

I have no issue buying one if it will do the job. The only thing I can find is that they say high voltage transistor. I moved my DIY T2 from Mayberry back to SF without incident but was listening tonight and there is a persistent static crackle in the left channel.