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The accounts of certain companies which were available in some or all ol these gile wen not comparable throughout the period and had to be excluded. Tourist and Travel 1 5 7 – 2 3 9 2 3 9 1 1 16 11 1 1 9 33 2 13 37 1 20 29 Interest and Dividends.

/mvco/Campmt_s — Level 3

The 41.222.1 is not directly comparable with the U. Average of Month-end Figures — 1, 53 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, r 1, 82 1, 2, 94 1, 2, 3, 91 1, 2, 3, 82 1, 1, 3, 3, Some of the tables are published here in more condensed form and in every case the latest revised figures have been used. Tables and charts refer to Canada unless otherwise stated. Chartered Bank Total 1, 16 1, 2, Still 59 6, Rile with Chartered Banks Public Demand Public Notice 1, 93 22 121 2, 1, 1, 23 1, 84 3, 1.


K raw and mfd. Bonus redemptions for 1st War Loan and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Victory Loans are included with the funded debt and excluded From “Other Liabl Includes the cash holdings but not tin investments of the Unemployment Insurance Kund Provision for reserve against contingent liabilities, crown companies, amounting to They are to a considerable extent the property of allied governments, but there are as 4.1.2222.1 certain on-ferrous metals, the factor determining classification being the conditions of ownership and admission rather than the physical description of the goods, nd also item “Returned Canadian Goods” for the year only.

Total Demand Deposits Largely advances to foreign governments under the Export Credits Insurance Act. Taxes on Corporation Profits. Figures given are annual averages of estimated month-end Canadian deposits in and monthly average Canadian deposits in and after. Of, Under 2 yrs. Month-end Figures —10 Mths.

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Soldiers’ Pensions and After-care Other Dept. Total Volume of Money.

Forced Saving ‘” 1. The classification of revenue, other than taxes involves a considerable amount of estimation so that classified totals are at best approximate. May June July Aug. Does ifle take account of official repatriation operations, retire- ments, or new issues sold to syndicate members resident outside Canada.


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C en 2 Under 2 yrs. Board of Trade a U. Bonds, Payable in Canada only Census of Industry 88 Contracts Awarded 88 Transportation: Total” Accounts End of. Special inventory reserves amount ing to. After that date owing to lack of available data customs figures are 4.1.2222.1.

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Tables refer to Canada unless otherwise stated and most of the figures are, for want of space, given to a certain degree of approximation only. Loans to churches; hospitals; charitable and religious institutions Other loans Total Loans in Canada A, Foreign Exchange Spot Rates: Includes Highway Tax N. Includes estimated portion refundable after the war as follows: Telephone and Hail Taxes Saslc.

In tile statements of transactions with Empire Countries and with Non-Empire Countries it reflects multilateral settlements in the period before exchange control.

Under these orders the Bank’s gold and foreign exchange eserve requirement was temporarily discontinued. Securities, Payable in Canada only Yields of Dom. Total”‘ Average of Month-end Figures