5%er Text Book, Supreme In The Of G.O.D., Supreme Lessons Of The Gods And Earths, The Problem Book () (FIVE PERCENTER KNOWLEDGE). +. Degree Lessons:: The Knowledge of Self For The Black Man. +. Supreme Lessons of the Gods and Earths: A Guide for 5 Percenters to Follow As. F – Father Allah is the father of the five percent nation also the father of . We teach Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and Lessons, over the.

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B – Be or Born is the realm or state of being born into existence, be gives birth to God. Pages xiii, 85—86, and plates 2, 6, 7.

On top of that, Smith believed God was not a supernatural being, but rather something found in all black males. Multiple stories exist as to why the father and the NOI parted ways: With these artists, and any others associated with the Five Percenters, music was more than just a message.

Plus lessons of the

The blanket of protection is 5 times 72 kessons equals degrees. We are the Five Percenters among the Five Percenters! Retrieved 29 May He is portrayed by Lord Jamar of the hip-hop group Brand Nubian. Allah is the all in all. Instead, they change the meaning and celebrate lfssons they want to. Last summer, he was linked to the organization during his promotional tour for his most recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Retrieved August 30, Retrieved February 13, Born is to be aware of everything because everything is from the sun, moon and stars or man, woman and child or the past, present and future.


We unravel the history behind this piece and what it exactly means to be a part of 1200 Five Percent Nation. The vast majority of the Five Percenters appears to be on the East Coast, not coincidentally also the birth place of rap and hip hop music.

Born is to be complete and to give birth to the culture I-God. Knowledge the wisdom to bring about an understanding for love brings forth love. These are powerful tools that are used to interpret the meaning the universe. However, some regions where the Nation is active may hold events close to dates in honor of Allah the Father’s birthday February 22 or the official founding of the Nation October Computers are man made and the system is built around computers Five Percenter Rap The Nation of Gods and Earths teaches that black people are the original people of the planet Earth, and therefore they are the fathers “Gods” and mothers “Earths” of civilization.

Asia refers to the whole planet Earth, or Pangaea.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Five percenters Five-Percent Nation Religious organizations established in African and Black nationalist organizations in North America History of hip hop Philosophical movements 20th-century philosophy African-American Islam establishments in New York state.

Five-Percent Nation

I – Islam is self and self is God. The rappers mentioned above have their lyrics laced with the Five Percent doctrine, whether you’ve noticed it or not. V – Victory – To obtain the knowledge, wisdom and understanding, a man that is blind, deaf and dumb has to take on the Seal of Victory to win.


Pinn – Google Books. Allah the Father, stated repeatedly that he was “neither lessona nor anti-white.

Ancient Order of Free Asiatics

The Nation generally does not recognize traditional holidaysmost notably those associated with religion such as Christmas or Easter. Some of the best to have ever been on the microphone have either been students of, or have been influenced by, the teachings of the Five Percenters.

But the secret of the Nation’s longevity and vitality is that it revolves around the acknowledged and respected autonomous power of the Divine and the ability of the Divinities to reason and exchange information to facilitate intellectual growth and philosophical and scientific enlightenment.

The Father said; ‘What I meant was for the Gods to be percsnter the Sun that draws water up into the Earths atmosphere, and in the process removes all the impurities that exist in the water’.

After failing to reach elder adults whom he saw as already set in their ways, he found success with street youth. See also the analyses in Michael M. Knight’s The Five Percenters includes a photo of a gathering of Five Percenters that includes Barkim, who Knight describes as “one of the earliest white Five Percenters” and his siblings.