74HC Datasheet, 74HC Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger Datasheet, buy 74HC Pin and function compatible with 74HC General operating conditions are specified to ensure optimal performance to the datasheet specifications. 74HC datasheet, 74HC pdf, 74HC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, ON Semiconductor, Quad 2−Input NAND Gate with Schmitt−Trigger Inputs.

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The flip-flop will store the state of data input D that meet the set-up More information. Ordering information The is an parallel-to-serial converter with a synchronous serial data input DSa clock. Dual 4-bit binary ripple counter Rev. V All rights reserved. The gate switches More information. Export might require a prior authorization from competent authorities.

Hex unbuffered inverter Rev.

This feature allows the use of these. General description The is a hex unbuffered inverter. Schmitt Hex inverting gate.

(PDF) 74HC132 Datasheet download

It accepts three binary weighted address inputs 0, and and, when enabled, provides. Ordering information The are 8-bit multiplexer with eight binary inputs I0 to I7three select inputs S0. Wave and pulse shapers stable multivibrators Monostable multivibrators. The LNA has a high input and. It includes More information. Quad 2 to 1 line mux Inverter.

Translations A non-english translated version of a document is for reference only. Short data sheet A short data sheet is an extract from a full data sheet with the same product type number s and title. Datxsheet information The is a dual 2-input NOR gate. Quad 3-state buffer Lo enable. BB 74hx132 variable capacitance double diode. Right to make changes NXP Semiconductors reserves the right to make changes to information published in this document, including without limitation specifications and product descriptions, at any time and without notice.


Dual 2-input NOR gate Rev. Revision history Table General description The is a 5-stage Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputs Q0 to Q9an output from the most significant flip-flop Qtwo clock More information.

An example of a relaxation circuit using the is shown in Figure The 74LVC1G04 provides one inverting buffer.

Data Sheets: 74HC/D

Click on the appropriate section below for the relevant data sheets. Dual 4-input NAND gate. The switch More information. These features More information. Schmitt trigger inputs transform slowly changing input signals into sharply defined jitter-free output signals.

Dual JK flip-flop Rev. Dual 2 to 4 line multiplexer. The output of this device is an open drain and can be connected to other open-drain outputs to implement More information. Ordering information The is a hex inverter. This enables the use of More information. Quad 3-state buffer Hi enable. Logic Data sheets Series Component. Quad 2 to 1 74hc123 multiplexer.

It has control inputs for enabling or disabling the clock CPfor clearing the counter to its More information. General description The is a hex inverter with Schmitt-trigger inputs.


Product overview Type number Package Configuration More information. Triple 3-input OR gate. Ordering information The decodes three binary weighted address inputs A0, A1 and A2 to eight mutually exclusive. Ordering information The is a.

The device More information. Buffer with open-drain output. Quad D-type flip-flop with reset; positive-edge trigger Rev.

74HC Datasheet PDF –

It is specified in. Figure 14 added typical K-factor for relaxation oscillator. This is available free of charge from the Adobe web site. Schottky barrier quadruple diode Rev.

For K-factor, see Figure 14 Relaxation oscillator Fig Logic symbol Fig 2. NXP Semiconductors hereby expressly objects to applying the customer s general terms and conditions with regard to the purchase of NXP Semiconductors products by customer. In no event however, shall an agreement be valid in which the NXP Semiconductors product is deemed to offer functions and qualities beyond those described in the Product data sheet Disclaimers Limited warranty and liability Information in this document is believed to be accurate and reliable.