74LS21N from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. SN54/74LS DUAL 4-INPUT AND GATE. LOW POWER SCHOTTKY. J SUFFIX. CERAMIC. CASE N SUFFIX. PLASTIC. CASE 1. 1. Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise .

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Product Group Product Description. S – Displays a sequence of hexadecimal numbers on a seven-segment display.

TTL Logic IC 74LS21, DIP-14

The administrators are still migrating contents to our new home. If you are interested in purchasing electronic components for building projects, here are some links to places we buy parts from. Many figures didn’t survive the translation too well or are missing entirely. If you can’t find a non-scanned copy somewhere else, get it from here.

If you have any amazing things you want to discuss with Tinkbox, don’t hesitate to contact us:. For information on the Freescale microcontrollers that were used in EE up until aboutand sample code for them, click here.

Other Services Custom Projects. They send out a printed catalog of over pages. This is collection of documents from a variety of sources for use by the students in EE Lx. Implements a 3-bit up-down Gray code counter with binary outputs and the seven-segment display outputs the message “EE L”. All Electronics – This is basically a surplus store with both new and used components. This document discusses programming the ATmegaP but much of the information also applies to other ATmega or ATtiny microcontrollers used in the class.


Popular Products Tinkduino Leo.

Download their PDF catalog. Datasheets for the newer parts were mostly obtained from the manufacturers or from Jameco and Digi-Key where we order most of our parts. These will be fixed someday, maybe. Many of their files are scans of pages from their printed databooks and the images come out looking pretty bad. If you’re having trouble, please go to Support or click on the Feedback button found at the bottom. Not sure if they have minimum order amounts that may make it hard for the hobbyist but they are worth a look.

Other parts have have power and ground at non-standard positions or are listed as obsolete by the manufacturers and are no longer being produced. Course topics EE Lx Lab Notes – A collection of topics related to constructing the class projects soldering, wire wrapping, debugging, etc.

series IC datasheets

The notes below mostly apply to both microcontrollers even if the description of the document only mentions one of them. They may have absorbed Motorola’s TTL product line, or at least their tech library.


However the size of the catalog sometimes make it hard to find things. Tinkbox is currently in beta mode. It will also get you on their mailing list for future catalogs. Some of the documents may not be relevant to the current semester’s project but datashee left here for reference purposes.

We have no experience using the program at this time but it’s probably worth checking out. If you are looking for TTL datasheets, try the links below.

Contact Infomation If datashedt have any amazing things you want to discuss with Tinkbox, don’t hesitate to contact us: Using the analog-to-digital conversion module on the ATmegaP microcontroller – An description of how the ADC module on the Dtasheet works and how to configure it for doing conversions.

Mega R3 Arduin If they have something you need, you can probably get it at a good price, but it’s sometimes hard to find things.

Modern Device – They seem to have a interesting variety of components including many sensors and related components. They are all copyrighted by someone but we’re not going to worry about that.

For all your product inquiries, send us a message on our Contact Page with the Product Inquiry subject.