Scream Queens

10pm Wednesdays

Scream Queens is run by artists, putting out the best queer and femme voices in the subversive realms of punk, post-punk, noise, darkwave, and electroclash genres. We like to get into rants and discussions about gender identity, anti-capitalist living, intersectional feminism, and how to deal with the alienation that comes about living in our queer bodies.
We also interview local queer and lady musicians in the local Oakland scene, transcribe those shows into text, and distribute zines as supplements to our program. Check us out on to get a visual as to what we’re about, see our playlists, and catch up with the shows happening around the Bay.


Scream Queens is a radio show broadcast via BLR in Oakland. Hectic, queer, emotional, freaky, pissed, and antagonistic of state oppression, cis white het BS, and the traumas that follow. We do interviews with bands we like, mostly angry women and QTPOC hanging out with us in these trenches. We have zinesters and poets come and read from time to time.

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