Talisa Patra (Abies Webbiana) known as Indian silver fir. Abies Webbiana is the scientific name of the talisa patra. It belongs to Pinaceae family. Pinaceae family . Abies webbiana is a coniferous, tall, evergreen tree, grows up to 60 m, with strong branches, stretched horizontally, with young buds covered with short br. Synonym. A. spectabilis (D. Don) Spach. Pinus webbiana Wall. Family. Pinaceae. Habitat. The Himalayas from Kashmir to Assam at altitudes of 1,–4, m.

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The wealth of India, raw materials.

Talispatra (Abies webbiana) Health benefits – bimbima

GhoshDebanjan Sen1 and Sanjib Bhattacharya 2. Ghosh AK, Bhattacharya S.

Then the mixture was made alkaline by adding liq. Mishri consist of big white, sweet lumps of crystals. Antibacterial activity of Abies webbiana. The essential oil obtained from the leaves is used to treat colds, rheumatism and nasal congestion.

Medicinal Uses of Kashtadaru False Ashok. Antitussive activity of Abies webbiana Lindl. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Talispatra (Abies webbiana) Health benefits

The aziridine functionality is also present in a small number of abiees occurring molecules mainly from microbial and marine sources. Below is given medicinal properties along with the meaning. Pharmacological activity of Abies pindrow. Footnotes Source of Support: Pharmacognostic studies on leaves of Abies webbiana grown in Sikkim Himalayan region of India.

Asymmetric synthesis of N-aryl aziridines. It was further confirmed by elemental analysis. UV spectrum was obtained with a Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer. Eur J Med Chem.

Table of Contents 0. The pollination of flower is done by Wind. It reaches height of 60 meters. It is mainly indicated in respiratory disorders, phthisis and excessive phlegm. It can be grown in shade or sun. Therefore, in the present investigation a new aziridine alkaloid C-1, i. The decoctions of the leaves are useful orally in cases of cough, phthisis, asthma, chronic bronchitis and catarrh of the bladder and other pulmonary infections.

Open in a separate window. The aziridine alkaloid isolated in the present study may serve as an important source of drug prototypes and leads for drug discovery in due course. Inhibitory effect of Abies webbiana on tumour cells in mice. In many parts of India the leaves of Taxus wallichiana and Rhododendron anthopogon are used as Talispatra. Red wine color of the acidic extract changed to deep blackish red on becoming alkaline.


Abies Webbiana – Ayurvedic Herb

The treatise on Indian medicinal plants. The leaves powder along with Vasaka leaf juice and honey is given to treat asthma, cough, and blood vomiting. Application of heat in extraction methods, however, would extract more constituents to give more compounds. Swasa chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseskasa coughgulma tumorAgnimandya hypochlorhydriaamadosha amoebiasishikka hiccupchhardi vomitingkrimi helminthiasis and mukharoga mouth disorders.

Talispatra, Abies Webbiana

Compound 1 C-1 was isolated as white needle-like crystals and showed a positive response to different alkaloid reagents. The 13 C-NMR spectrum exhibited nine carbon signals.

Needle-like yellowish crystals were obtained, separated by filtration, purified by re-crystallization by methanol to obtain compound 1 C-1, mg, 0. Webbianz belongs to plant family Pinaceae.

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