NBR NBR Cianeto The NBR prompted the ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standardization) to produce eleven. Buy NBR ELABORACAO E APRESENTACAO DE PROJETO DE REABILITACAO DE AREAS DEGRADADAS PELA MINERACAO from SAI Global. ABNT NBR pdf. Uploaded by. paulolimad Nbr Elaboracao E Apresentacao de Projeto de Reabilit. Uploaded by. paulolimad.

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Mycorrhizal inoculation effect on nodulation and N accumulation in Cajanus cajan at soil P concentrations sufficient or inadequate for mycorrhiza-free growth.

Likewise, diversity was 1. Each sample was composed of soil from the superficial layer maximum depth: Indeed, Tilman found a negative correlation between species richness and soil fertilization while Negreiros et al. Restoration by planting the legume Cajanus cajan was implemented in some of these areas. World Wide Fund For Nature, Silveira; Daniel Negreiros; G. Each treatment restored and non-restored had four sampling areas, each with three m 2 plots.

The higher amount of Phosphorus in the soil must also be related to the elevated litter formation in the areas where C. NBR nbr Plant Talkv. Despite the higher concentration 1030 phosphorus, the presence of C.

Natural tropical ecosystems are formed by numerous types of vegetation in which species composition and selective pressures imposed by both, biotic and abiotic factors, may be singular.


Contrary to the expectations, soil enhancement in the quartzitic soil poor in nutrients in the rupestrian fields can facilitate the invasion by exotic plants, nnbr are not adapted to the lack of nutrients. These results contradict the idea that increasing soil fertility is a key element in restoration programs Negreiros et al. The justification to use C.

Unexpected effects of pigeon-peas (Cajanus cajan) in the restoration of rupestrian fields

In spite of the scientific arguments that the use of C. The areas where C. When only the areas restored with C. All plant individuals except grasses within the plots were counted and identified. I,II ; Castro, S.

nbr 14063 1998

We investigate the consequences of demographic change for business cycle analysis. How to cite this article. Biodiversidade em Minas Gerais. The Young, the Old, and the Restless: A economia da natureza.

The soil of these areas also contained higher levels of Phosphorus and Magnesium. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics Casual observations indicate that under larger density, C.

Therefore, the goal of this study is to provide empirical data on the effects of using C. I ; Fernandes, G I. Distribution of non-native invasive species and soil properties in proximity to paved roads and unpaved roads in a quartzitic mountainous grassland of southeastern Brazil rupestrian fields. We find that changes in the age composition of the labor force account for a significant fraction of the variation in business cycle volatility observed in the U.


We also would like to thank the Reserva Natural Vellozia for logistical support; to C.

Seed dormancy and germination in Rhexia mariana var. Fertilization can enhance the growth rate of plants during restoration processes, but can also promote competitive exclusion of some species Lawrence, The species has its origins in India Provazi et al. The perception that cocktails of species can be widely used in restoration abmt that the use of exotic Fabaceae does not represent risks to the succession process is misleading.

Secondary succession and the pattern of plant dominance along experimental nitrogen gradients. Similarity was small and varied from 0 to 0. Barbosa for suggestions and commentaries. Seedling growth and biomass allocation of endemic and threatened shrubs of rupestrian fields. The quantity of magnesium found in this study was lower than that reported by Marques et al. In each of these areas, three plots of 5 x 5 meter totalizing m 2 for each treatment were randomly chosen.

Botanical description of selected pigeonpea pure lines. Under such a scenario, C.

Acta Botanica Brasilica After fertilization, the inorganic forms of phosphorus increase due to its accumulation in the soil Grant et al.