Abraham Zacuto was a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, rabbi and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King. After the Spanish exile, Zacuto settled at Lisbon, where he was soon appointed court astronomer and historiographer to John II. He retained his office under D. ZACUTO, ABRAHAM BEN SAMUEL (–c. ), astronomer and historian. His ancestors were French Jewish exiles who had come to Castile in

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Inthe king of Portugal ruled that all Jews had to convert to Christianity and Zacuto had once again to flee — this time to North Africa.

The names that appear in the Bible pertain the spelling of King James Bible. In his calculations, Zacuto predicted the end of the world and coming of the Saviour in His advice was sought and his abilities as astrologer were also employed.

Zacuto set out the data in a simple “almanac” zacuyo, with the positions of a planet easily interpolated between entries, making it quite easy to use. His life is surrounded by legend as befits a Judaeo-Iberian sage, and it is quite difficult for us to separate the hard facts from the embellishments. Abraham Zacuto lived in the world that was not obsessed with uniformity and homogeneity.

Zacuto was born in Salamanca, Spain in Quote marks are used sparingly, for they were not employed in our sources.


There are very few abbreviations excluding the usual abbreviations of the books of the Bible, and the honorific titles: After the Spanish exile, Zacuto abrahzm at Lisbon, where he was soon appointed court astronomer and historiographer to John II.


The cool style of Zacuto and his allegiance to the faith of Israel were equally foreign to him and to sub sequent secular Jewish historians.

The usual terms of Jewish faith, e. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. He fled first to Tunisand later moved to Jerusalem.

Abraham Zacuto

In modern times, the work was published by Z. With the Moors subdued, there was no need for cultural plurality. I am entitled to be proud of it as our Sages OBM said: The conversion, in the view of Ferdinand and Isabella, would unify the people of Spain under one crown and zaxuto church. Abraham Luzitanus, was a great physician and a wise man.

He later was for a time teacher of astronomy at the universities of Zaragoza and then Cartagena. Abraham Zacuto of Salamanca. He also reported that certain Jewish women could prophecy in his presence.


Zacuto’s tables in conjunction with the new metal nautical astrolabe allowed navigators to take accurate readings anywhere. The Book of Lineageor Sefer Yohassin, his Opus Magnum, was completed five hundred years ago after a decade-spanning work.

Abraham Zacutoprobably of the first Jewish sages who embraced modernity while keeping the unbroken chain of tradition from Abraham to the Talmud scholars to Moses Maimonides. It became true, as we know.

This manuscript with the marginalia of Columbus is extant in the Abrahxm library zacito Portugal. The story is that on one of his voyages, when attacked by the natives, Columbus noted that Zacuto had predicted an eclipse for that day, and used this information to threaten the natives and convince them that he could extinguish the Sun and Moon and deprive them of all light.


He saw those righteous people who preferred to kill themselves and their children rather then be forced to transgress the commandments of the Lord. Steinschneider, Die Geschichtsliteratur der Juden88—93; idem, in: The polylogue feeling was reinforced by introduction of marginalia by R.

Zacuto was born in SalamancaSpain in But hopefully our reader will feel encouraged zaduto this presentation of the wisdom and wit of the Jewish sages, and will delve into the sea of Talmud.

Abraham Zacuto – Wikipedia

Israel, BT Chagigahchapter Zacuto’s work thus saved the Admiral’s life and that of his crew. The crater Zagut on the Moon is named after him.

Among his astronomic achievements were the production of the first astrolabe of copper previously they had been made of woodincreased precision in reckoning the position of the sun, and improved tables which he wrote in Spanish and Hebrew to determine latitudes and work out the dates of eclipses. Lev considers the chapter 6 being written in AM [ CE], while previous chapters were written in preceding years. Abraham Zacuto completed his Sefer Yohassin but he was short of [reference] books, as there were no books in Tunis except what the exiles brought with them.

Abraham as he admitted: